17:33 GMT08 May 2021
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    Stimulus Checks for the Dead, Assange Under Attack, AI Wrongful Arrest

    Political Misfits
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    The US is once again breaking records for coronavirus cases. How are state and federal agencies responding?

    Attorney Mike Liszewski, an advisor to Students for Sensible Drug Policy, and who has spent a decade lobbying on behalf of several marijuana reform organizations such as Americans for Safe Access and the Drug Policy Alliance, tells Misfit hosts Michelle Witte and Bob Schlehuber that it would absolutely be par for the course for the Department of Justice to unfairly target marijuana growers with antitrust probes. He describes past harassment by state forces of the industry and the changes in drug policy over the past few administrations. 

    Karleigh Webb, a journalist, videographer and anti-imperialist, labor and trans rights organizer in Connecticut, breaks down the victories trans athletes have recently won, the obstacles they still face, and the true threats to women’s sports. She also discusses some recent labor actions by athletes as they avoid trying to return to crowded, potentially infectious stadiums and fields of play. 

    Jamal Muhamed, aka “DJ One Luv,” the host of the Luv Lounge radio show and the Old School Lunch Bag Mix on Square 1 radio, discussed discrimination in policing and Congress’ inability ‒ or is it unwillingness ‒ to put together a police reform package. They discuss the role of AI and facial recognition technology in policing, the latest unemployment numbers and the potential for another wave of white flight as COVID-19 continues to rip through the US.  

    Keith Frederick the owner of FrederickPolls, says the proliferation of polls is not necessarily leading to more informed media or voters. Who you’re interviewing and the quality of your electorate model matters, he says, and for pete’s sake, use cell phones, but those aren’t the only issues in getting accurate polls. 

    The Misfits also got into Rep. Devin Nunes’ court loss, a strange move from a whitening face cream maker and more Republican support for Joe Biden. 

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