11:45 GMT05 July 2020
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    Biden & Reparations, COVID-19 Surges, ATL Protest, Miss the Press

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    Reparations!? To say Joe Biden's answer leaves something to be desired is to put it mildly.

    Dr. Dady Chery, associate professor of biology, co-editor-in-chief of News Junkie Post and author of "We Have Dared to Be Free" takes the controversial perspective, with respective push back, that vaccine testing could be an undiscussed proponent in the resurgence of COVID-19 in the multitude of states experiencing peaking numbers over the past several days as opposed to an organic expansion of the virus resulting from the early openings of the economies of those states. Dr. Cheri argues the virus is now better understood than it was when it first occurred and is not as severe as was originally believed, making the opening of the economy a reasonable action.  

    Bob and Jamarl discussed the Rayshard Brooks shooting by cops in Atlanta, Georgia and the swift action taken by the state to appease an already on edge community.  Within 24 hours of the shooting, the cop involved was fired and the police chief was one of the 40 million out of a job. Strangely enough, the most interesting part wasn’t the cop killing, that is unconscionably normal (cops kill 1000 a year, 99% result in no charges) - it was the city’s reaction given material circumstance associated with the shooting.

    Vijay Prashad, historian, journalist and executive director of the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research brilliantly explains how the US Government, despite not responding rationally to the phenomenal crisis to which this country finds itself, it is legitimately concerned with the protest taking on larger and broader concerns considering 40 million people are out of a job, tens of millions will be evicted from their homes, and millions are already on the streets. Prashad drilled into the inability of both parties to address the vocal concerns of the population, instead preferring performative politics and theatrics over honestly regarding the public’s indignation. For example, Mayor of Washington DC Muriel Bowse trolling Trump by painting “Black Lives Matter” in large letters on the street in front of the White House, while simultaneously increasing the police department’s budgets. 

    Misfit hosts Bob Schlehuber and Jamarl Thomas also discussed the rather surprising win for common sense and good conscience. A conservative Supreme Court has ruled that Civil Rights laws must also protect the worker's rights of people that classify themselves as lesbians, gay, and transgender.

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