15:27 GMT28 May 2020
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    A Very Lucrative Pandemic and a MeToo Reckoning

    Political Misfits
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    If Joe Biden won’t go after this administration's disastrous coronavirus response, what will he attack Trump on?

    If Biden isn’t up to taking the fight to Trump now when the president should be on the ropes, what fight will the Democratic nominee be up for? And let’s not let the media off the hook ‒ Chuck Todd and his colleagues are also failing to hold our officials’ feet to the fire. But what else is new?

    How is it that it’s the supposed “good guys” in Congress who are trying to push this corporate bailout designed as relief, not to mention paving the way for more surveillance and policing in our post-pandemic future, Emanuel Pastreich, president of The Asia Institute, director of the Earth Management Institute and US presidential candidate, asks Bob Schlehuber and Jamarl Thomas. We’re on the verge of a classified economy, he warns. Pastreich explains how we got into this situation, and why things sometimes look different elsewhere.

    Producer and host of People’s Republic Austin Brianna Griffith joins our Misfit hosts to discuss the media response to the accusations against Biden and what the establishment chooses to turn a blind eye to. The MeToo movement hit the usual roadblocks of entrenched class stratification and racial injustice. What needs to happen for that movement to grow real teeth?

    The three also get into the waning enthusiasm for the Biden campaign, Biden’s belated efforts to woo Bernie Sanders’ supporters, the jingoism on display in media coverage of the pandemic lately and Biden’s floundering on, well, literally everything, these days. But will he continue getting nothing but pats on the back from our media class? You know the answer, Misfits. 

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