01:14 GMT23 October 2020
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    Go Back to Work or Go to War? Pandemic Forces Stark Choices

    Political Misfits
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    A human crisis is burning our house down, and who will we save? We’re starting to see some strange answers to this question.

    Dr. Dady Chery, associate professor of biology, co-editor-in-chief of News Junkie Post and author of "We Have Dared to Be Free,” joined “Political Misfits” to discuss misinformation about COVID-19, including the irresponsibility of relying on herd immunity. She also has some input on promising treatments for this virus and warnings for listeners about what COVID-19 could become if we aren’t sensible in our response.

    The Misfits in exile turn to when and what the US Congress might do to help Americans as the pandemic crashes across the country, and what local governments have been attempting, or ignoring. Will Americans really stand for being ordered to risk their health and their lives for the Dow?

    Christina Tobin, founder of Free and Equal, discusses positive potential political change could arise out of this crisis, and lessons we can learn from the past. She explained the barriers protecting the political establishment from change, but also described the coming confluence of factors that could be a springboard to meaningful reform, a more diverse political landscape, and real change. Where can the energy-independent candidates generate productively go? She has some ideas. Tobin also enlightened listeners on the role of technology in expanding electoral choice and participation.

    Raymond Caldwell, producing artistic director at Theater Alliance, and Philippa Hughs, social sculptor and creative strategist, lent their voices to the urgent and ongoing discussion of how to reimagine performing arts in this crisis. How can performing arts retain their vitality under these circumstances, and how can we support and democratize art now and in the future? How can we support arts right now, and how can arts organizations more directly serve their communities now and in the future?

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