23:21 GMT31 May 2020
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    Where’s Joe? Where’s Our Dough? Who’s Steering This Ship?

    Political Misfits
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    In the best of times, the US likes to forget about its most vulnerable citizens. Can we change that in the worst of times?

    Today on “Political Misfits,” hosts Bob Schlehuber and Jamarl Thomas grapple with the massive coronavirus relief package that’s stalled in the Senate now and with guest Kristine Hendrix, president of the University City School Board, junior Bayard Rustin fellow with the Fellowship for Reconciliation and contributor to the Truth-Telling Project and "We Stay Woke" podcast, put forth their own ideas for how best to support individuals and businesses in a time of crisis. But with a government in the pockets of the biggest corporations of this country, who’s going to force them to do right?

    What does accountability look like for this Congress, from the excruciating process of building this aid package to insider trading to profit on this crisis?

    The three also explored the frightening reach the Department of Justice is trying to make, asking for judges to be given the ability to detain people indefinitely during the emergency. This isn’t anything the government isn’t already doing, Hendrix points out, they’re just trying to codify it into law. But would we have seen anything different under a different administration? Hendrix gave a chilling picture of what it actually looks like when the national guard comes into town to enforce the law.

    Alan MacLeod, journalist, author and member of the Glasgow Media Group, discusses just how long Donald Trump can maintain his current trend of positive polling regarding his crisis response. Comparisons between countries that have flattened the curve and countries in crisis show what happens when the state is eroded and capital, and control, is ceded to corporations. They also talk about why Trump continues to call this the Chinese virus and what the administration is softening us up for.

    In Europe, the strain is starting to show. Will this virus tear the EU apart? And what role will the power of printing money play in the recovery of the Eurozone?

    The boys also take some jabs at the absent Joe Biden and get into a few potential silver linings of this crisis.

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