10:15 GMT23 January 2021
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    A Viral Victory for Biden, As Democrats Offer Toothless Coronavirus Responses

    Political Misfits
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    Yesterday’s chaotic and ill-advised primary yielded disappointing results. Also disappointing: Democrats’ toothless COVID-19 response plans.

    Do you believe in last minute conversions? Yeah, neither do we, and Joe Biden’s about-face to try to appeal to Bernie Sanders’ movement is no exception. “Political Misfits” hosts Bob Schlehuber and Jamarl Thomas aren’t buying what he’s selling. Are you?

    Donna Davis, political consultant, political organizer and co-founder of Black Lives Matter Tampa, told the Misfits she never felt the impact of the Sanders campaign in Florida, and today’s result reflects that. She asks whether his campaign misread where voters were, philosophically, and how to reach them. Did the movement fail to educate voters adequately on democratic socialism, or did people misunderstand how much changed psychologically between 2016 and now? They also broke down the voting demographics in Florida, the impact of economic trends on voting patterns, and what that means for Sanders and for the general election. Davis has some grim predictions. 

    Alejandro Chavez, political director for Smart and Safe Arizona, spoke about the conditions on the ground during the vote in that southwestern state yesterday, describing a mostly calm process. He and our lads examined what happened to Sanders’ domination among Latino voters there. They also explored the distance between packing rallies and packing polling places: do fun social events always translate into votes? And what is the illogical barrier between support for policies and support for candidates that advocate those policies? Chavez makes the case for voting for the possible, not the ideal, and sparks some heat, both among the hosts and callers. 

    Finally, Jamarl gets spacey once more in Revelations, asking if the US Army is willing to support organizations like To the Stars, shouldn’t we take them more seriously? Oh, and the Misfits get into some of the wilder hashtags us shut-ins are generating on Twitter. 

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