05:35 GMT03 April 2020
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    Viruses, Debates and Primaries ‒ Oh My!

    Political Misfits
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    Self-quarantining Americans deserved a better debate ‒ and a better social safety net.

    “Political Misfits” comes in hot today, declaring that lefties know “Blue No Matter Who” is a con, and this will only hurt Joe Biden’s chances against Donald Trump if that is indeed the contest in November. It seems that Bernie Sanders is just realizing that his base might not follow him if he ends up stumping for Biden ‒ another strategic error by Sanders, hosts Bob Schlehuber and Jamarl Thomas declare. Our Misfits also chastised CNN for allowing rampant xenophobia during last night’s debate, including musings on how China should be punished for its supposed mishandling of the pandemic. But Bob has some horror stories of the response in the capital so far. Are US heads going to roll over our own lapses?

    Teresa Lundy, communications strategist and principle of TML communications, joined to talk about Sanders’ debate strategy and how well it worked. The senator from Vermont continued to try to walk a line, attacking his opponent but working to unify potential blue voters. Was his cross-examination of Biden effective enough? Or did Sanders roll over again? 

    Tom Luongo, independent analyst on politics, culture and markets at his blog, Gold Goats 'n Guns, joined the boys to talk about the economic hit we’re feeling now and what we’re looking at in the future. The Federal Reserve is pulling out the stops, but what power does it really have? The Fed, Tom warns, is just a bystander. Is now the time for universal basic income? Tax relief? Both? Americans are turning to their government for guidance and support, but should we also be afraid this crisis will be used to entrench greater control over our movement and our lives?

    In our weekly Miss the Press segment, the semi-quarantined gentlemen get into the infuriating habit of our national media to play everything in red and blue. The Trump administration does deserve scrutiny and scorn for its response to this national crisis, but the lens needs to be broadened beyond Democrat and Republican talking points. 

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