11:25 GMT31 October 2020
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    Cory, Kamala Join Bourgie Black Biden Bandwagon

    Political Misfits
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    How many words is Joe Biden going to be able to string together if he’s pitted against Trump? Not enough, we fear.

    Joe Biden is unelectable. We’ll say it. How long are we going to watch people pretend that the man stands a chance against Donald Trump? The DNC can’t dictate the general debate rules to their liking and if Biden needs an armchair and a friendly audience to spar with Sanders, what’s he going to need against no-holds-barred Trump?

    But what does it matter if COVID19 tanks the economy and our health system first? Vijay Prashad, historian, journalist and executive director of the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research joined the Monday Misfits to warn that, in case we hadn’t noticed the NYSE plummeting this morning, we’re headed into a perfect storm, economically speaking.

    The collapse of agreements between Russia and Saudi Arabia on oil production sent oil prices reeling, as Saudi begins flooding the market. But with this epidemic slowing air travel, trade and industry, oil producers might be looking at not only a supply crisis, but demand problems as well. This is the perfect opportunity to squeeze these dirty companies and force a transition to clean energy, but what we might see is an “obscene” alternative: a bailout of big energy. 

    Hope for the virus’ spread to be stemmed is dimming as the US proves it’s not civic-minded enough to make the sacrifices needed to contain the virus, and the UN, gutted by underfunding, can’t mount a unified global response. 

    It makes US Democratic politics look downright cheerful. Brianna Griffith, host and producer of People’s Republic Austin, to talk about the weekend’s wacky endorsements. Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, both of whom have in the past criticized Biden for "racist" policies and associations, nonetheless endorsed the former vice president. So which was it, guys? Does Biden need to be held accountable for historical failures or was all that outrage fake? Jesse Jackson and Ben Jealous, on the other hand, came out for Sanders, Jackson reminding listeners that he’s standing with Sanders because Sanders has stood with him and his movement consistently. Warren, meanwhile, hasn’t endorsed anything but SNL, and that doesn't impress us much.

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