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    Sister Cities - Say It Ain’t So!

    Political Misfits
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    Rachel Maddow and Elizabeth Warren cry crocodile tears over online bullies as Sanders gets pilloried for working to prevent war.

    How dare she? The “Political Misfits” come in hot today with some strong words for Joe Biden surrogate Hilary Rosen. Rosen tried to explain Martin Luther King Jr. to Sanders surrogate Nina Turner, who was having none of it. But who allowed Biden to take the civil-rights-defender lane? 

    Also in the “more where this came from” category: the coronavirus! K.J. Noh, a scholar, peace activist and contributor to several media organizations, joined the misfits to warn that the US is woefully unprepared. While China was mobilizing every resource to deal with the novel disease, the US was trying to score political points. Now, the US population is going to pay for this leadership gap. And not only in human health terms - prepare to see the US economy take a hit even worse than what China is suffering.

    Our as-yet-uninfected hosts also had some strong opinions about Maddow’s softball interview with Warren, where the two once again wrung their hands and furrowed their brows over online meanies. Where is that consternation over the millions of Americans living in poverty, the tens of thousands suffering and dying because they can’t access health care? Enough fretting over memes and internet insults. There are real, life and death issues at stake. 

    Top Scot Alan MacLeod, author and member of the Glasgow University Media Group, chimed in on the latest media hit pieces. Sanders’ latest crime is taking part in a sister cities program encouraged by Ronald Reagan during the Cold War to promote human contacts between the hostile great powers. Sanders could just as easily be called a hero for fighting the terrifying military buildup and tension on both sides, but in this xenophobic atmosphere, any Russian outreach, even from decades past, becomes suspect. Are all Peace Corps volunteers soon to be jailed as spies? The gents also get a laugh out of NPR’s assertion that Sputnik and its sister stations are working to elect Sanders, and wonder where is the appetite for media criticism that turns its lens on NPR’s corporate colleagues. 

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