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    Syrian Army’s Success 'to Wow States Believing in Government Collapse' - PM

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    Prime Minister of Syria Imad Khamis spoke to Sputnik in an interview about the war in Syria and Russia’s role in the restoration of the country following the future defeat of terrorism.

    In the future stage of the country's reconstruction, the prime minister believes, Syria's partners will play an important role, first of all Russia. 

    According to Khamis, Russia “from the very beginning was close to Syria and supported the Syrian industry in all areas. The measures taken will help Syria overcome the consequences of the war and help it return to work.”

    The prime minister noted that the Syrian state is quickly recovering: its industrial and agricultural enterprises are returning to full-scale work and production.

    “We must help our army fight for the future of the country. Future success will wow those states of the world who believed that the Syrian state would cease to exist. We will prove that they were wrong,” Khamis said.

    Also, the prime minister shared his thoughts on the importance of the renewed Damascus International Exhibition, which is taking place from August 17 to 26 in the country’s capital.

    “At the exhibition there are official delegations and about 1300 businessmen from Arab and other countries. We see that there is an intensification of economic processes both at local and state levels,” Khamis said.

    Advisor to the Syrian President Buthaina Shaaban also spoke with Sputnik about the outcome of the Syrian war, saying that the opening of the Damascus International Exhibition after a 5-year break is of great importance.

    “This is a clear message to the whole world that the war is over and we are starting the reconstruction of the country,” Shaaban said.

    She further said that the outcome of the war became clear when the Syrian Army, together with its allies, liberated Aleppo from terrorists. 

    She thinks that the political results of the end of the war should appear within the next 2 months. 

    According to the advisor, when the world community realizes that Syria has withstood the war, it will reconsider its attitude towards it.

    Shaaban also spoke about the future relations of Syria with the Arab states, saying that, “despite the pain that these countries have brought us, we are ready to establish cooperation. We understand that our peoples have a common destiny.”

    She also said that the war in Syria has demonstrated a change in the balance of world powers.

    “Obviously, the Western countries have lost their former influence. At the same time, the role of Russia, China and Iran in the world arena has increased,” Shaaban concluded.


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