12:00 GMT16 May 2021
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    Russia-Iran Sanctions Bill (66)
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    According to a high-level Russian federal official, Russia can respond to the United States' possible expansion of unilateral sanctions.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russia may decide to respond to the United States' possible expansion of unilateral sanctions, a high-level Russian federal official told journalists Thursday.

    "They could," the unnamed official said when asked whether response measures could be adopted against Washington.

    The US House of Representatives approved by a 419-3 vote on Tuesday a new version of a bill that would impose sweeping sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea, and limit President Donald Trump’s ability to lift the restrictions on Moscow. The measures target Russia's defense, intelligence, mining, shipping and railway industries, and restrict dealings with Russian banks and energy companies.

    The bill, which is yet to be approved by the Senate and the administration of US President Donald Trump, has already prompted criticism within the European Union. France and Germany have so far spoken out against the bill that the US House passed overwhelmingly on Tuesday as one that adversely affects European industries while advancing US commercial interests.

    Russia-Iran Sanctions Bill (66)


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