15:55 GMT13 July 2020
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    It appears that by accusing Kiev of attempting to sabotage his election campaign back in 2016, US President Donald Trump displayed his overall attitude towards Ukraine.

    US President Donald Trump accused Kiev of attempting to sabotage his campaign in 2016 while providing assistance to Hillary Clinton.

    "Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump campaign – "quietly working to boost Clinton." So where is the investigation A.G." the president inquired via a Twitter post.

    Earlier then White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders said during a briefing that the Democratic National Committee "coordinated opposition research directly with the Ukrainian embassy."

    And as political analyst Alexander Dudchak told Radio Sputnik, it appears that unlike its predecessor the current US administration no longer takes such a keen interest in Kiev.

    "Trump probably remembered all those commentaries made during the election by the Ukrainian president and other politicians who sided with Trump’s opponents. … It appears that Trump has a good memory; he forgets nothing, and he already demonstrated his attitude towards Ukraine," he said.

    According to Dudchak, while the previous US administration was content with the current Ukrainian authorities, Trump apparently does not share that sentiment, and soon "we may witness many more interesting news from the US, their commentaries about the events in Ukraine."

    He also remarked that Ukraine actually might’ve influenced the US presidential election of 2016.

    "I don’t think that the Ukrainian leadership directly interfered with the voting process, but Ukraine’s stance actually could’ve influenced the election. After all, there are serious events transpiring in Ukraine; events which basically affected foreign relations in the whole world, including the relations between Russia and the US. Ukraine, largely thanks to the previous US administration, became the cause for the worsening of relations between geopolitical centers like the US and Russia. And it appears that Trump isn’t interested in worsening the relations with Russia – what he wants is a pragmatic approach," he said.

    All in all, Dudchak surmised, this development serves as a positive sign.

    "Back in the day Kiev felt that it could act with impunity, but it seems that this situation is about to change," he said.


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