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    The US Senate Intelligence Committee approved a bill Thursday which facilitates the sharing of information about cybersecurity threats between private companies and US government intelligence agencies. Critics fear it’s “a surveillance bill by another name.”

    Putin on Possible Russia-US Cyberwar: Action Produces Equal, Opposite Reaction

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    Vladimir Putin said that for every action there was an equal and opposite reaction when asked about a possible Russia-US war in cybersphere.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said that for every action there was an equal and opposite reaction when asked about a possible Russia-US war in cybersphere.

    "Well, maybe, if there is an action there is always an equal and opposite reaction," Putin told US filmmaker Oliver Stone in the interview broadcast by the Showtime television network, when asked whether a "secret war" in cybersphere was underway between the countries.

    "We did not engage in any cyberattacks. It is hard to imagine that any country, including a country like Russia, could seriously influence the electoral campaign and its results," Putin said.

    Vladimir Putin also said that the US intelligence report on alleged Russian interference in the US elections lacks specifics.

    "I read it," Putin said.

    "One security service says that there is a high possibility of Russian interference. Another says that the level of certainty is not so great, they only draw conclusions based on the analysis of the situation. There is nothing specific. It reminds me of something on which aversion to some ethnic group is based, say, antisemitism. If someone does not know how to do something, someone is expressing their inability to solve problems, antisemites always blame Jews for their own failures. These people who treat Russia like this, Russia is always to blame for them," Putin added.

    Also, Vladimir Putin said that Russia does not assert that the cyberattack on Russian banks in May came from the United States.

    "Indeed, we received information that such attack was being prepared. We were not 100-percent sure. But in any case the representatives of the banking community addressed media and informed their clients, the population that such attacks were possible and they called on their clients to not worry, to not stress, to not apply for withdrawal of their savings. We are not asserting that they came from the United States. We have no proof," Putin said.

    "Since the early 1990s, we assumed that the cold war was over. We thought there was no need to take any extra security measures because we were an organic part of the world community … Therefore our companies as well as state and administrative bodies bought everything – both hardware and software. We have much European and US equipment. But lately we have started to understand this threat and of course started to think about ensuring both technological independence and security. Of course, we are thinking about it and taking certain steps," Putin said.



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