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    German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives for the NATO summit in Brussels

    'Divorce' From Washington: Is Germany Ready for Independence From US?

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    Germany, as the leading European country, no longer regards the US as its mentor and leader in relations between Western countries, Russian Vzglyad newspaper wrote.

    The statements made by the Office of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Germany remains "deeply committed to the transatlantic partnership" fundamentally do not change anything, the newspaper noted.

    "Everyone understands the scale of what happened — the German elites started talking with America in a way they had never talked to it before," the article said.

    According to the newspaper, Germany's behavior raises a lot of questions, for instance, whether Berlin has indeed become ready to liberate itself from American influence or is it just a riot against Trump?

    "Although the [German] leadership explains the country's rebellion with Trump's treachery — namely the fact that he departed from the only true doctrine of liberal globalization — in reality, it all goes to the fact that ‘the German eagle is ready to spread its wings,'" the newspaper wrote.

    Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for Europeans to take their fate into their own hands. Ivan Danilov, a Russian economist and author of the popular blog Crimson Alter, argued that the statement resembled a move towards the EU's "geopolitical divorce" from Washington.

    "The times in which we could completely depend on others are, to a certain extent, over," Merkel told an election rally in Munich following US President Donald Trump's visit to Europe. "I've experienced that in the last few days; we Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands."

    German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel had also criticized US President Donald Trump's administration, saying that the United States has lost its status as the leading power in the Western world.

    The top German diplomat pointed to the "failure of the US as an important power" in the Western "community of values" and called for opposition to the policy pursued by the White House.

    According to Vzglyad newspaper, the move could be viewed as Merkel's attempt to gain more support in the wake of the upcoming election. The German leader "decided to play on the widely spread discontent against the US in German society," the article said.

    Whether Merkel will be able to win the election race, remains unknown, as she has been widely criticized for her attempts to gain independence from Washington by many representatives of the political elite.

    According to the newspaper, Merkel risks losing the support of the "atlantists" and at the same time not gaining the support of the "patriots" in the German establishment.

    "The break with America — and this is how any movement towards German independence will be perceived — is a very serious issue to which the current German elite is not ready," the newspaper concluded.

    According to Danilov, the current situation gives a potential for the development of relations with countries from other regions, including in the framework of China-led One Belt One Road initiative, the Russian blogger emphasized.

    "Indeed, against the background of open American blackmail and general hostility, Chinese investments, as well as the Chinese globalization project 'One Belt — One Road', in which Russia plays a key role, look very attractive in the eyes of the EU," Danilov stressed.


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