08:46 GMT02 March 2021
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    US President Donald Trump, dogged by reports that his behavior in Europe left allies shaken and confused, and beset in the US by allegations of impropriety within his cabinet, has again turned on the “fake news” as the source of damaging White House information.

    Upon returning to the United States after a nine-day trip to the Middle East and Europe, Trump, as is his custom, began tweeting not explanations or details about his official visits, but attacks on the US media.

    In his latest twitter tirade, Trump latched on to the catchphrase "sources say" as indicative of what he and his inner circle consider to be fabricated information.

    ​Fabricated or not, the president is returning to an atmosphere of mounting tension at home. Staffers, employees and others within the Trump White House regularly pass information anonymously to the press regarding the behaviors and actions of Trump and his closest aides. The president has publicly complained about the leaks for months and is reportedly privately furious about the disloyalty.

    Most on Capitol Hill are responding to Trump's tirade with irony and, in many cases, disbelief.

    Among the many issues rattling the halls of power in Washington are Trump's request to former FBI Director James Comey to roll up a federal investigation into Michael Flynn, the president's pick for national security adviser. Flynn was fired after failing to divulge required security information.

    Comey was fired by Trump as well, and the White House's justification for the move has seen several iterations, often in complete contrast with one another.

    A recent Politico report pointed out that the Trump administration is now having a difficult time filling key positions in the Justice Department, as lawyers are steering clear of the poisonous legal atmosphere that surrounds the White House. Several of Trump's most high profile executive orders have been challenged in US courts and struck down.

    The Trump White House is now, according to anonymous sources cited by the Guardian, assembling a streamlined public relations team — often referred to as a War Room — specifically to address ongoing federal investigations. There have also been murmurs that the White House will try to assign a legal team to vet the president's tweets.

    Reports indicate another staff shakeup is imminent, as well.


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