10:00 GMT17 June 2021
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    Macron Wins French Presidential Election (53)
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    The newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron resigned as the leader of En Marche! political movement and Catherine Barbaroux is appointed as movement's interim leader, En Marche! Secretary General Richard Ferrand said Monday.

    PARIS (Sputnik) — Catherine Barbaroux, 68, who has worked in En Marche! since its formation, will be the temporary leader of the movement, he added.

    "Emmanuel Macron resigned as a leader of the movement after the session of the committee of En March! at noon," Ferrand told journalists at a press briefing.

    Ferrand also officially confirmed that the movement will change its name to La Republique en Marche.

    According to the French Interior Ministry's data, Macron won the second round of the election which took place on Sunday, with 66.1 percent of the ballots against 33.9 percent of voters who had supported his rival Marine Le Pen.

    Macron Wins French Presidential Election (53)


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