00:11 GMT27 February 2021
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    If the world is going to end, there should at least be a party to mark the occasion.

    With someone with no government experience at the helm of the US government and in command of the country’s armed forces, Americans have been holding their breath for some time now. Now, as US President Donald Trump orders missile strikes in Syria, at least some of these manifold fears may be coming to fruition. At least, Twitter thinks so. But don’t worry. Even if it ain’t broke, Twitter’s here to fix it. 

    She may not be the leader the US wanted, but she may be the hero America needs.

    ​Some of Trump’s firmest supporters, such as Deploraball co-organizer Mike Cernovich, joined in the criticisms of the new president. 

    ​But really, nobody was off-limits to hop in.

    ​If Trump’s foreign policy leads to escalating violence and the President signs off on a draft, a lot more Americans might start sounding like this guy.

    ​Alternatively, maybe we could all get smoking gun evidence of injuries proving why we can’t serve in the military.

    ​Another option is to head north. 

    One response is likely to be repeated quite often if soldiers start knocking on Americans’ doors to join the war effort.

    ​But let’s be honest, most of us would probably just shut the door.


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