07:54 GMT +330 March 2017
    FBI Director James Comey (L) and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers take their seats at a House Intelligence Committee hearing into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election, on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S

    Members of US Hearing on 'Russian Interference' Entangled in Situation - Kremlin

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    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on the first public hearing on the alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

    On Monday, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey and NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee on the alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election.

    Peskov said that the participants of the US hearing on the alleged Russian role in the November 2016 vote in the US have become entangled in the situation, and while trying to find any evidence proving their claims are "making a go-around."

    "It seems that the participants of the hearing have already become entangled in the situation. They are trying to find the confirmation of their own conclusions, they cannot do this, find any evidence and are already making a go-around."

    Moreover, Peskov declined to comment on FBI Director James Comey's assessment that Russia purportedly concluded Donald Trump was a "hopeless" candidate against Hillary Clinton.

    "This is more of a permanent internal discussion in the US, and we would like to stay on the sidelines of these fruitless discussions."

    The hearing does not contribute to the development of bilateral ties, Peskov added.

    "Unequivocally, it can hardly be considered a constructive contribution to the development of bilateral relations," Peskov told reporters of the House Intelligence Committee hearings on Monday.

    Russian authorities, including the Kremlin spokesman, have repeatedly refuted the allegations on Russia's alleged role in the US election calling them groundless and lacking proof.

    During the hearing, both Comey and Rogers repeated the conclusions writted in the US intelligence report released in January, which was mostly based on media publications and social media. They also confirmed that Russia in any way did not affect the vote tallies in the US.


    Kremlin Comments on US House Hearing on Russian 'Interference' in 2016 Election
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      Erik Trete
      They......are already making a go-around.

      More colloquially, this is called a circle jerk. For obvious reasons and perfectly fits the situation at hand.
    • John Twining
      One very distasteful aspect permeated that entire hearing. US Democratic representatives HATE conservatives at home and abroad, in a way that's reminiscent of the viciously violent animosity we normally associate with fanatical religious sects and rabid ideologically-driven revolutionary parties. The difference is that US Dem reps always steer clear of any suggestion of or association with actual physical violence, except in "legitimate wars". No, their unrelenting violence is inflicted on moral, cultural, political and legal realms.
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      The total ineptness and full blown Corrupt US Gov is on show for the world to see. It's amazing how most Americans regard it as acceptable and they prove this by reelecting the same filth over and over.
    • avatar
      Pure madness.
    • avatar
      "This is more of a permanent internal discussion in the US, and we would like to stay on the sidelines of these fruitless discussions."
      THAT is the Russian way. They would never interfere in the 2016 election. I can help thinking that anyone who has supposedly dealt with Russians could believe they would ever do what the progressives and neocons claim.
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      jasin reply tobeydety(Show commentHide comment)
      beydety, Most of the re-elections are manipulated due to gerrymandering voting districts in favor of incumbents and also mass illegal immigration.
      That photo of the Admiral is interesting.

      He looks like a drooling madman.
    • AnomicDust
      Admiral looks like a cat taking a short break from licking himself.
    • vargus
      Peskov: "They are trying to find the confirmation of their own conclusions,..."

      Correct assessment.
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      Lickie Weeks
      ["Unequivocally, it can hardly be considered a constructive contribution to the development of bilateral relations," Peskov told reporters of the House Intelligence Committee hearings on Monday.]

      You have this group of very old retirees 80+ who are paranoid of the Soviet Union; and this group of young Millennials, who have no concept of critical thinking.

      The "insanity" comes from both of these groups, and is being exploited by the current US Media environment. They are not amenable to logic or reason, but only respond to emotion.
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      What a waste of time!
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