09:42 GMT +327 March 2017
    Trump Trolled

    Denmark Trolls Trump (WATCH)

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    US President Donald Trump has motivated a certain political party in Denmark to encourage US nationals there to vote abroad -- and you won’t believe how creative the trolls got.

    The SPP Party Denmark purchased an advertisement on a Copenhagen bus encouraging Americans to vote, with Trump’s face featured while the vehicle’s wheels portrayed Trump’s eyes spinning in circles.

    The jab underscored the president’s erratic remarks and comments, ranging from his explicit pride in sexually harassing women, issuing a Muslim travel ban that has been struck down on two occasions by federal courts, to alleging that the Obama Administration spied on Trump Tower during the campaign. The US Select Committee on Intelligence found no evidence supporting Trump’s claim, confirming the results of the House intelligence committee’s probe. 

    "I don’t think Trump as president will be positive for the development of the world," said Pia Olsen Dyhr, a Danish politician, Occupy Democrats reported. Therefore, says Dyhr, Trump will not be good for Denmark. 

    The Netherlands has also trolled Trump in this viral video. "We built an entire ocean between us and Mexico…Nobody builds ocean better than we do…and we made the Mexicans pay for it, it’s true." The Trump-esque voice goes on to say, "We also have a disabled politician for you to make fun of."


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      Kind of stupid, actually.
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      This is WHY E.U Washington are taking refugees from Syria, to brain wash them, and then say they can VOTE for Syria.
      Like the SOROS paid at New York U.N to GREET PUTIN, some , that claim they Ukrainians, to protest Russia in Ukraine. But don't talk about U.S in Ukraine , which IS the actual problem. Including NATO E.U.
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      All over the USA and Europe, there is a vicious battle against President Trump, which is unprecedented. We are curious why this is happening, why so much ridicule against an elected official of another country. It does not make sense. I mean, the previous President, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Hussein Obama, leveled seven countries, dropping a bomb every 20 minutes for 8 years. Why wasn't THAT president a target of ridicule or even criticism?
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