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    Haunted House: Trump Administration Struggling With Obama's Political Legacy

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    Over 145,000 people have signed a petition launched by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) social activism organization, calling to stop the "shadow government" run by former US President Barack Obama.

    The document entitled "Stop the Shadow Government; Protect Our National Security" claims that before leaving office the Obama administration took actions to "subvert national security."

    "It's an unprecedented bureaucratic coup undermining our security. […] It has led to dangerous leaks, criminal violations of the Espionage Act, and the creation of a shadow government to sabotage the new Administration," the petition reads.

    The authors of the petition added that before leaving office the former presidential administration "rewrote the national security rulebook to share intercepted communications with more unelected bureaucrats."

    However, the theory of "Obama’s shadow government" has already been circulating for several weeks. In particular, on March 4, Rep. Mike Kelly claimed that Obama is not staying in Washington so his younger daughter can graduate from her school.

    "President Obama himself said he was gonna stay in Washington until his daughter graduated. I think we oughta pitch in to let him go somewhere else because he’s only there for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to run a shadow government that is gonna totally upset the new agenda," Kelly said at a local Republican meeting.

    However, later he backed off his controversial claim, saying that he does not believe that Obama is personally running any "shadow government."

    Following Kelly’s statement a petition was launched by Keystone Progress, an organization funded by billionaire George Soros. The petition called for the Ethics Committee of the House of Representatives to begin the process of censuring Mike Kelly for his remarks about Obama.

    "This lie is an unacceptable breach of the standards of his office and an affront to the prestige of the United States Congress," it read.

    Earlier, in an interview with RT, former National Security Agency (NSA) technical specialist William Binney said that the agency collected information on US congressmen, members of the presidential administration, judges and other officials.

    According to Binney, the US intelligence agency can use that information against anyone it regards as a potential threat, and now it is manipulating the government and creating problems for the Republicans.

    Russian analyst Alexei Mukhin, director of the Center for Political Information, suggested that Obama may be involved in a standoff in Washington against the new presidential administration.

    "Obama is an incarnation of the administrative resource currently working against Trump. I would not say there is a bureaucratic revolution underway. This is rather a bureaucratic civil war. The target is Trump and his team. The goal is to undermine Trump’s presidency," Mukhin told RT.

    According to the expert, the standoff poses a threat to national security, rather than to Trump. He suggested that the current situation would lead to reputational losses for Washington in the global political arena.

    "US intelligence should take care of such political activities [of the former administration]. But the problem is that intelligence agencies are also involved in this struggle on both sides of the fence, making the situation critical for Trump," he added.

    Barack Obama’s political career is far from being over, according to Alexander Domrin, a specialist in American studies and professor at the Russian Higher School of Economics.

    "He has come off the stage for a while, but I think there will be a role for him. From the very beginning, Obama was a political project and this project is not over," Domrin suggested.

    According to the expert, the anti-Trump campaign by the Democrats may inflict damage on the American political system because there are persistent attempts to block the policy of the current president.

    "The more of such attempts there will be the more reasons there will be to say that the United States in its current form and the notion of democracy are incompatible," Domrin concluded.


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      "The more of such attempts there will be the more reasons there will be to say that the United States in its current form and the notion of democracy are incompatible," Domrin concluded.
      I never realized the Democrats had enslaved the people of the US to this extent. The trump vote is even being fought. I think it is a bad move for the Democrats because people now see that they sole purpose is their own power.
    • avatar
      double bonus
      [The Obama Administration took action to empower the entrenched bureaucracy to subvert our national security right before leaving office. It has led to dangerous leaks, criminal violations of the Espionage Act, and the creation of a shadow government to sabotage the new Administration. We discovered that about two weeks before the Obama Administration left office, it rewrote the national security rulebook to share intercepted communications with more unelected bureaucrats. This dramatically endangers our national security and has led to dangerous classified leaks.]

      Back in the 1980's they prosecuted people in the Savings & Loan scandal,
      Junk Bond Trading, and Insider Trading in the Stock Market.

      This is much worse. Anyone from the Obama Administration who acted in Obama's behalf against Trump after January 20th, 2017, needs to be prosecuted. This is not about Billionaires or the 1% vs. the 99%. This is about basic law and order, and letting criminals get away with serious crimes.

      The Trump Administration needs to prosecute these people, have them recognized as criminal pariahs, and make an example out of them.
      Especially the bankers and their media lackeys.
    • avatar
      Keep cleaning house. Exorcism will not work otherwise they would have called in the expert; Clinton herself. One has to wonder, at the same time, why Laura Bush is not shaking George during his sleep, questioning "Are you going to do something, or not?"
    • MirDayin reply todouble bonus(Show commentHide comment)
      double bonus,
      Hear! Hear!
      President Trump...seize your elected power by the balls
      and deep freeze (maybe even literally) every creep left
      behind by Obama (then fry him).
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      Obama$$ and his 'man-wife' should both be prosecuted then 'hung out' to dry.
    • support
      President Trump should set up a "President for a Day" exchange programme and let Presidente Duterte run the USA for 24 hours. That would take care of the problem.

      I think that if that were to occur, it might create a temporary ammunition shortage for the US Department of Defense but Remington and Federal Arms would be happy with the re-stocking order.

      The problem is actually that the Obamatard smelly speed-freak leftovers clinging to the US Ship of State like barnacles can count reliably upon the good grace and manners of the Trump Administration to persist in being pointlessly if not self-destructively merciful. Were the shoe on the other foot, there would be and there has not been such equality of the display of either mercy nor of inappropriate kindness.
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      The deep state is much deeper than that. Obama was merely its slave. Trump is bucking it, the first president since JFK to do so.

      There is of course a massive operation (color revolution type) to paint Trump's win as illegitimate (despite Rs sweeping elections on almost every governmental level), with Obama playing a big part.
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