06:54 GMT +325 March 2017
    Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump shakes hands with Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Trolls President Trump on Twitter, Yet Again

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    In an apparent staging of clever tweets and retweets, Hillary Clinton has suggested that she is not surprised at the difficulties the administration of US President Donald Trump is facing, nor at his responses to them.

    Former US Secretary of State and failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted yesterday, "Things I learned today," in response to comments made on Twitter by Democratic political consultant Philippe Reines, a former Clinton staffer.

    Tweeting about the complexity of the issues of health care and budgeting, among others, that the Trump administration is grappling with, Reines wrote, "Russians spy. Health Care is complicated. Diplomacy is exhausting. Who knew?"

    His comment was quickly retweeted by Clinton, who then tweeted her own remarks, which saw a chorus of Twitter followers voicing their support for the former presidential candidate. The exchange maybe be a staged call-and-response series, The Hill points out.

    ​US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson claimed "fatigue" on Thursday after skipping key diplomatic functions with South Korean leaders while visiting the country, and was apparently one of the targets of the troll campaign.

    After taking a drubbing last month for tweeting that "nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated," Trump has faced sustained backlash for his policies and political appointments and his perceived lack of understanding of what governing the US requires.


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      This is to stir up the 'attack of the monkeys', a/k/a, "The Wizard of Oz'. And who was it that turned them loose on the unsuspecting four innocents? Right! Someone should throw some water on her.
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      Clinton is irrelevant. She never has any ideas of her own, just follows others. She LOST an election she should have won. She also sabotaged a real candidate who probably would have one.
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      Lickie Weeks
      Why are then letting Hillary Rodham Clinton use twitter
      from her Federal Prison Cell, again, still?
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Hillary should focus on her failed presidential bid and her corrupt Clinton foundation. An investigation needs to be opened regarding her crimes she committed and her TREASEANOUS dealings as a corrupt entity. It's funny how LOOSERS still find a way to make remarks as if their opinion really counts in the grand scheme of things.
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