10:07 GMT24 October 2020
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    US government officials have no qualms about intervening in the internal affairs of other nations to try and secure the election of candidates which it ideologically supports, but the results often backfire and prove unpredictable to Washington, analysts told Sputnik.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — On Tuesday, a group of US Senators led by Mike Lee called on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to investigate US funding political factions within other sovereign nations including through a George Soros-backed organization funded by USAID. Funds distributed through USAID programs in Albania and Macedonia were used to influence party politics, media, and civil society, the lawmakers claimed in a letter.

    "The US government often intervenes to assist pro-US candidates in winning elections, but the victors are often not as pliable as the US government expects," political commentator and author James Bovard said on Wednesday.

    Bovard said this type of activity was widespread and had been for many years.

    "There is so much ‘pro-democracy’ flying around at this point — and the US government has done a very poor job of auditing its own efforts. The US government has been heavily intervening in foreign elections for decades," he said.

    Bovard said there was a widespread assumption among US politicians and policymakers that such interventions were always justified morally as well pragmatically.

    "This is justified because ‘God wants democracy to win.’ The US government is simply doing God's work — or doing what God would do if he knew as much as US government agencies," he stated.

    Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) senior editor Jeff Steinberg said that the most blatant recent example of such activities was the toppling of the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014.

    "Ukraine is the poster child for these ‘color revolution’ operations funded by both the US taxpayers and tax exempt groups like Soros' OSF," Steinberg said.

    Steinberg recalled that Victoria Nuland, former president Barack Obama’s assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs had openly boasted of the active role that the US government had played in destabilizing and then toppling the government of President Viktor Yanukovych in Kiev.

    "Nuland bragged that the US government spent $5 billion building the ‘democracy’ movement in Ukraine, which in that case also involved hardcore neo-Nazis, who shot up the Maidan and overthrew Yanukovych," he said.

    Steinberg pointed out that seeking to topple any legitimate government was contrary to international law.

    "It is criminal to engage in such violent regime change but Soros and the National Endowment for Democracy get away with it constantly," he concluded.

    Earlier on Wednesday, a State Department official told Sputnik the department received the letter from the Senators to Tillerson, but it was standard practice not to release the contents of congressional correspondence.


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