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    A picture taken on a boat of Libyan naval forces during a patrol shows a view of buildings, including abandoned Omar Khayyam hotel, in the port district in Libya's second city Benghazi on November 20, 2016

    Reason Behind Pentagon's Concerns Over Increasing Russian Influence in N Africa

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    The Pentagon’s concerns over Russia’s increasing contacts with Libyan politicians and military officials stem from the fact that the United States is losing control over the situation in North Africa, according to military expert and journalist Igor Korotchenko.

    Earlier, Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, head of US Africa Command, expressed concern about contacts between Russian and Libyan politicians and military officials.

    "It is very concerning. […] Russia is trying to exert influence on the ultimate decision of who becomes, and what entity becomes, in charge of the government inside Libya," Walhdauser said during a Senate hearing.

    The reasons behind such statements by the Pentagon is the fact that Washington is losing control over the current military and political processes in North Africa and in the Middle East, Igor Korotchenko, a Russian military expert and editor of "National Defense" magazine, told Sputnik.

    According to the expert, the statement was "biased" because Russia endorses the responsible forces in Libya, in order to establish order and end hostilities between various armed groups controlling different parts of the country.

    "First of all, contacts between the Russian and Libyan militaries are aimed at initiating broad dialogue on security and contributing to stabilization in the region. This would be helpful not only for the region, but also for southern Europe, taking into account the scope of the ongoing refugee crisis," Korotchenko said.

    After in 2011 Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was toppled and killed, the country has been plunged in a deep crisis. The country is currently ruled by two governments, by a nation-wide elected parliament in Tobruk, in eastern Libya, and by the General National Congress in Tripoli. At the same time, some parts of the country are not controlled by the government as they are seized by armed groups, including Daesh.

    Backed by the UN, a government of national accord led by Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj was established. However, it was not supported by the parliament in Tobruk.

    The Libyan National Army is not under command of the UN-backed government in Tripoli. Gen. Haftar is supported by the Tobruk-based government.

    In recent years, Moscow has been building ties with Libyan National Army commander General Khalifa Haftar controlling the east part of the country.
    Earlier this month, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that it is ready to work closely with all parties in Libya in search of mutually acceptable solutions toward ensuring sustainable development and a resolution of the crisis in the country.

    According to Lev Dengov, the head of a contact group on intra-Libyan settlement comprising officials from the Russian Parliament and the Foreign Ministry, all major forces involved in the power struggle in Libya have been interested in winning Russia’s support due to Moscow’s rising influence in the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

    "Libya needs support at the moment. In particular from Russia since everyone understands that Russia has improved its stance in the Mediterranean. Following the Syrian scenario everyone understands that Russia has strengthened its geopolitical positions and is the key dialogue partner on the matter," he told Radio Sputnik.

    Commenting on the ongoing crisis in Libya, Korotchenko underscored that the situation is a result of the "reckless policy" by the US and NATO.

    "At the time, they used a UN resolution on no-fly zones in Libya for its extended interpretation and for a military aggression against the Libyan government led by Gaddafi. As a result, there is chaos and loss of control," Korotchenko said.

    He continued: "Russia is ready for contacts with the Libyan military in order to strengthen those forces in Libya that want to take the responsibility for the country’s future."


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    • horseguards
      It's ironic that the principal imperialist power (the US) is thwarted in its expansionary adventures by its nemesis (The Russia Federation), not by US-style invasion but by "invitation". And where is "by invitation" most apparent than in Syria?
    • avatar
      "It is very concerning. […] Russia is trying to exert influence on the ultimate decision of who becomes, and what entity becomes, in charge of the government inside Libya," Walhdauser said during a Senate hearing.

      Even people below average intelligence will immediately realise that the real difference between Russia and USA is that Russia wants to solve the problem once for good and establish friendly and respectful relations with countries around the world.

      On other hand USA is not interested in solving anything as they simply do not know how to solve the problems as so far their military doctrine was to destroy and destabilise stable and independent countries and change them in perpetual war zone which is fully controlled and fuelled by them.

      It seams to me that their mentality is as of these people who breed animals for fight as they all are doing is fuelling hate against each other and poor creatures are killing each other for a pleasure of their owners.
      However people are not as hopeless and helpless animals and despite all ods they can watch and learn the things or two. Amongst these things is to compare what have USA and their do stooges done in three years of war against terrorism in Iraq and Syria as well as in their own countries.

      Since 1969 when col. Muammar Gaddafi overthrow corrupt and western stooge king Idris Libya was in close relations with USSR/Russia and that was main reason for NATO intervention in Libya with only intent to overthrow Gaddafi who was close to Russia and unfortunately had a lots of gas and oil.

      USA now behave as that Libya belongs to them and that no one can touch it as that is beautiful playground for USA training and exporting terrorism. Above statement shows how rotten are American politicians (and of course anyone else who supports USA politics as such) and how primitive and inhumane are their intentions. That is what they failed to do in Syria. In these two video links you will find very much relevant information about above mentioned American politicians and media stupidity.

      In this video you will learn few fascinating facts about Putin and what should Trump do to win opposition.

      This is an interview which will leave you gob smacked how bias and stupid is USA MSM and why their politicians believe what they believe right now.

      Trump already failed and his downturn started and soon he will be impeached as that now becomes public hunt in Washington DC. Trump might win one or even two impeachment attempts, but his opponents cannot stop as the outcome would be catastrophic for them. If Trump would win than they would be exposed to prosecution and imagine John McCain getting years of prison? No he would die in prison and before that happen they will launch WW3.
    • avatar
      Earlier, Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, head of US Africa Command, expressed concern about contacts between Russian and Libyan politicians and military officials.
      If the US Pentagon REALLY had any concerns about results it is getting, it would change its methods. Chaos follows every move of the Pentagon and the command is either evil, criminal or incompetent. None should be part of the US military.
    • avatar
      It's incredible for the US to pretend that Ukraine, Syria or Libya are normal situations. Syria and Libya has been chaotic (because of the US0 since 2011 and Ukraine since 2014. What? They think nobody sees what's going on? I thank God for Russia.
    • avatar
      It's because no one trusts the murderous terrorist American government.
      As a world leader they failed due to Americas greed and corruption and now like it or not get to the back of the bus because nations will now deal with a nation they can trust.
    • Abinico Arts
      Gee, maybe if the U.S. wasn't an obvious shill for israhell then the people of N. Africa might be more welcoming.
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