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    Israeli soldiers of the Search and Rescue brigade take part in a training session in Ben Shemen forest, near the city of Modi'in

    Israel-Backed Anti-Iran 'NATO 2.0' Puts Russia and Saudi Arabia 'on Thin Ice'

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    Should Israel convince Saudi Arabia and other key stakeholders in the Middle East to create an alliance targeted against Iran, the new military bloc would spell trouble for Riyadh and Moscow.

    "Israel's proposal has put Saudi Arabia on thin ice," Konstantin Dudarev, an expert on the Middle East, told Vzglyad. Although the interests of Saudi Arabia and Israel coincide when it comes to Iran, both countries remain "to a certain extent in a state of war," he added.

    In Dudarev's opinion, other Arab countries will not be happy with an alliance comprising Saudi Arabia and Israel.

    "It would be better if the proposal was voiced by the United States. In recent years, rumors have surfaced that Saudi Arabia has been increasingly in touch with Israel with regard to Iran. However, it is unlikely that Riyadh will agree to an open alliance with Israel since it could lose its position of the leader of the Arab world and the entire Muslim world," he explained.

    These comments came after Israel's Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Die Welt that "the time has come to create a formal alliance that would unite all moderate forces in the Middle East against terror." He was referring to Iran. In his view, moderate Sunni states understand that it is Tehran that poses the greatest threat to them, not Israel.

    The new alliance, according to Lieberman, could be modeled after NATO. "A real coalition must have real obligations. Take a look at NATO. The alliance is built upon a principle that any country is ready to protect or be protected by other members," he explained.

    Last month, unconfirmed reports suggested that United States President Donald Trump was negotiating with several Arab countries in the Middle East to create a military alliance that would be aimed at countering Iran's influence in the region. The bloc, if established, would have a collective defense clause, resembling NATO's Article 5. It would also share intelligence with Israel, although the latter would not be a formal part of the envisaged military coalition.

    The news was met with skepticism, with many analysts saying that Israel was behind the rumors, Vzglyad asserted. "Perhaps, Tel Aviv was hoping that Washington will come up with such an initiative, but it did not happen, prompting Lieberman to openly urge Arab countries to create their very own NATO," the newspaper said.

    Tofiq Abbasov, an expert on Iran, pointed out that Arab countries could be willing to create a military alliance targeted against Iran out of fear.

    "The Gulf countries are increasingly afraid of Iran. Iranians are less wealthy and they are not as well-armed, but their army is more efficient and they are more flexible when it comes to diplomacy," he said, adding that such a bloc would likely fall apart due to internal discord.

    Abbasov further said that an anti-Iranian military alliance would have an adverse effect on the security situation in the Middle East and create additional troubles for Russia's relations with the region.

    "Iran is a real and lucrative economic partner for Russia. At the same time, working relations with the Jewish state are also important to Moscow. In addition, Saudi Arabia is also trying to court the Kremlin," the analyst said. This is why if such an alliance is established, Moscow will have to use all its diplomatic power to prevent a conflict from erupting, he added.

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    • Mikhas
      The Zionazi's are coming out of the shadows. That's good for keeping the perspective of the real enemy here, not just the proxies.
    • AnomicDust
      'Globalists' promote islamic extremism as it undermines the nation state.
      Individual nations align & accept the mantle of extremism when faced the existential threat of overpowering neighbors.
    • avatar
      WEE, We are so lovely aren't we. Do you think everyone will love us and forgive us
    • avatar
      Russia, can not do anything against Israel, Mr Putin has 1 million Russians Jews in Israel, the only thing Russia can do against Israel is diplomaty, nothing else, do you know why Russia never did anything about Israeli planes bombarding Syria? Why Russia doesn't allowed Syria to target Israeli planes? Russia is using Hezbollah against Israel, that is all. But Russia can not do anything against Israel.all the rest is talking and bullshits from Russia, Russia is playing his own interest in Syria,it is not because of Bashar or Syria, it is only Russia interest.
    • avatar
      "the time has come to create a formal alliance that would unite all moderate forces in the Middle East against terror." those words apply to imposter israel the incubator of terrorism....not Iran
    • avatar
      Ayelyahin reply todatt(Show commentHide comment)
      skipping along to murder some kids
    • Capt'nSkippy !!!
      Just put simply its just a war criminal alliance!!! Israels idea AND the rag heads of S.A. would themselves become the the biggest terrorist threat yet known!!! And what a farking joke that they would model it after NATO? Even there rhetoric they inform the population about with the principals of NATO is just GARBAGE!!! That has not happened since the collapse of the Berlin wall. When this strictly is a military agreement, which it is, they themselves will fall into a total disaster of a trap that neither will survive. And if Trump agrees with this B/S, he might as well have given the leadership to Clinton. And the reason why these parasites in S.A. are SO CONCERNED about Iran is they have OIL, and the Saudi's are running around like cockroaches to make a amends to it because there wells are just about DRY!!! As dry as a camels a*sehoe!!!
    • klod.infobeez
      Could put Russia in a keystone place for the region... Russian brains are ready :)
    • avatar
      dattin reply toAyelyah(Show commentHide comment)
      Ayelyah, What fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • choticastile
      What a load of drivel... Zio-Israel now coming into the open with an agenda its had since 1948-- Not only the destruction of Iran, but every country in the ME ruled by the Khazarian Mafia...

      Whether there are over a million Russkies resident in Israel-- they better begin to sort out their priorities, which are long overdue. Zio-Israel clans is the Beast ruling the planet-- the head of the NWO- One World Government octopus. What finally burst forth in the US after Trump became the new POTUS, clearly indicates who really owns the USG and its MIC lock, stock and barrel.

      It is now no longer a question anymore of Americans or the peoples of all countries waking up about what's for what in our world-- but that the REAL leaders of the world should WAKE UP and united with billions of ordinary people--deal with these despicable and evil Zio globalist hijackers of the planet-- Sever the head of Satan's octopus and do it together! If this does not happen and fast-- there's no bloody hope for humankind. Whether Sputnik will publish my small little heartfelt and sincere opinion, is up to them.
    • choticastilein reply toCapt'nSkippy !!!(Show commentHide comment)
      Capt'nSkippy !!!, "ust put simply its just a war criminal alliance!!! Israels idea AND the rag heads of S.A. would themselves become the the biggest terrorist threat yet known!!!" Cap Skippy, they already are have always been! From the days of the Bolsheviks, to the Zionists and the Nazis-- these psycho monsters have been in our midst, scheming and planning to own the planet and everything that creepeth and crawleth on it.

      As Mikhas said, they're coming into the open about it all, because they're aware virtually the whole reasonably educated world knows their full Zionist ideology stories! They're DESPERATE, aware that it is them against Russia and China and a number of other smaller players. They're in deep fear and this fear is real, because they know there is no way in hell, they gonna walk over the Bear or the Dragon ever again!! -- and to boot they will have most of the world's ordinary population on top of them!

      What we're look at here is the Battle for the Planet!
    • avatar
      If Saddam Hussein were still in Iraq, then Saudi Arabia would be more quiet...but the U.S. killed Saddam Hussein leading to the Shia Government in Iraq, and that means an open area for Iran, from Lebanon to Afganistan, as on the fall of the Taliban, Iran also played an essential role.
    • Tony Rossiniin reply tomounir.assi(Show commentHide comment)
      Total bullshit...the Russians helped Egypt and Syria fight in all of the wars against the Israelis during the 1960's and 1970's. Not only with equipment and training....but also supplying Russian pilots too.
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