01:54 GMT29 October 2020
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    British MPs have called on the UK government to reveal whether Russia played any part in the Brexit campaign. Writer and director at the Duran Report Alex Christoforou told Radio Sputnik that these allegations are "totally ridiculous" and unoriginal since the Obama administration already blamed Moscow for meddling in America's internal affairs.

    "I think it's extremely hilarious that these Europeans … cannot even come up with an original conspiracy theory. They have to basically take the conspiracy theories straight from the United States and the Hillary Clinton camp. There is absolutely no originality coming out of Europe. Not even their conspiracy theories can be original. This is just a copy-paste narrative straight out of the playbook of the Democratic Party, the liberal Left and Hillary Clinton," the analyst said.

    Last week, Labor MP Ben Bradshaw urged UK Prime Minister Theresa May to make public any information with regard to Russia's supposed interference in Great Britain's vote on its EU membership. Several other Labor MPs are said to have backed the calls for investigation. Moscow has repeatedly dismissed such allegations.

    Christoforou referred to claims that Moscow was responsible for Brexit as "fabricated stuff," adding that some politicians in the US, the UK and other Western countries have chosen Russia as a scapegoat to divert attention away from their mistakes, but have failed to provide any evidence.

    "The UK, the US and other countries are refusing to accept responsibility for the fact that they have governed poorly. They've made terrible mistakes when they were campaigning in the Brexit vote. They did not speak to the people and they are all looking for scape goats. And the easiest scape goat is Russia," he said. "What they are doing is trying to manufacture boogeyman out of nowhere. And they always turn to Russia. It is always Russia or Putin's fault."

    Christoforou added that ordinary people do not believe this narrative.

    "People don't buy it. People don't care. People that are living in the UK want jobs, stability and future. They don't want to hear that it was a boogeyman that's hiding in a closet. This is a total lack of accountability on the side of politicians," he said. "Election results show that people do not buy this narrative anymore and that they don't want to hear it anymore."

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