22:44 GMT26 October 2020
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    The Trump administration appears to have broken the tradition of letting the US intelligence community advise on executive orders before they are made public, Mark Rossini, a former agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, told Radio Sputnik, commenting on the rocky relationship between the two.

    "What I think has gotten people really angry at the intel community is [Trump's] use of executive orders and decisions. Prior to President Trump intel agencies were given an opportunity to review every executive order that was to come out and weigh in on it because the President of the United States, whether other countries and world leaders agree with us or not, is the most powerful human being on the face of the planet and his, or one day her, utterances have an immediate ripple effect," he said.

    Rossini maintained that cooperation between the executive branch and the intelligence community is a "healthy thing."

    Rossini also expressed doubt that the US intelligence agencies have pursued a "nefarious" agenda, "wishing to undermine democracy." They are apparently driven by a desire to "maintain healthy democracy," he suggested.

    President Donald Trump and the US intelligence community have been off to a rough start. Russia's alleged meddling in the internal affairs of the United States and the Trump team's supposed ties with Moscow have been a major point of contention. In addition, President Trump suggested that the US intelligence community could have leaked information which could be detrimental to the administration. 

    According to the most recent rumors, US intelligence officers have withheld sensitive information from the president due to concerns that it could be compromised. CIA Director Mike Pompeo has denied these allegations.

    Rossini described this situation as "quite unprecedented," saying that he was not sure what could be done to resolve the issue. He suggested that President Trump should meet with the intelligence community and listen to their grievances so that they could sort out the issues which have plagued the bilateral relationship.

    "That might be the only thing at this point that can happen to stop this back and forth, this disfunctionality,"he said.

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