14:20 GMT29 March 2020
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    Former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich said in an interview with Radio Sputnik’s Eugene Puryear that the attempts of certain members of the US establishment to benefit from the scandal around the resignation of General Michael Flynn may lead to a new Cold War with Russia, at a time when the two nations should be working together.

    Flynn resigned from the post of National Security Adviser on Monday night, amid accusations that he misled the administration of US President Donald Trump about a phone conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, before Trump's inauguration.

    An array of political experts suggested that the resignation of one of the key figures in the Trump team was part of a broader anti-Russia campaign launched under the previous administration, and that the US President's political environment may push him toward a new confrontation with Russia.

    ​​"We have to recognize what's happened to General Flynn because of a concerted effort to try to thwart the new Trump's administration's attempt to have a good relationship with Russia," Kucinich said, during the By Any Means Necessary broadcast.

    "It is really dangerous to try to drive a wedge between the US and Russia at a time when our countries ought to be working together for nuclear disarmament and for cooperation on a broad range of issues which are important to both nations."

    According to Kucinich, it is worrying how the Democrats rejoiced over Flynn's resignation, considering it their win, when instead they should stop "the demonization that is going on" and focus on attempts to make a deal with the constitutionally-elected government.

    "There's a hyper partisanship that is so destructive. And it has fallout in international affairs," he said.

    "That Democratic leaders should be pandering to an anti-Russia crowd is disconcerting and that's why I've chosen to speak out. Because I think we have to remember that America's position in the world cannot be singular, that we have a multipolar world, that we are a nation among nations, and that we need to find ways of working together so we can avoid conflict."

    The former congressmen called on the American establishment to remember the "horrible price" of US policies that have led to the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

    "We Have To Start To Focus On Things Back Here At Home. But We Can't Do That If We Are Pitched Into An Ideological Battle With Russia."


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