07:21 GMT +328 March 2017
    Donald Trump

    US Media Claims of Trump Team's Ties to Russian Intelligence Eye Impeachment

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    Russian Senator Vladimir Jabbarov stated that US media accusations of President Donald Trump administration's alleged contacts with Russian intelligence aim to impeach Trump.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) US media accusations of President Donald Trump administration's alleged contacts with Russian intelligence aim to impeach Trump, Russian Senator Vladimir Jabbarov told Sputnik on Wednesday.

    "This is a common tactic to try to discredit a particular person. Not one intelligence rats out their sources, therefore there will be no confirmation to the accusations against Trump," Jabbarov said.

    The senior lawmaker noted that if Trump "continues to turn in his people, everything will come to a sad end."

    "Because the ultimate goal of his opponents is to achieve the US president's impeachment," Jabbarov argued.

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      would be good. He is not qualified.
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      This is like a live history lesson. It's like watching the fall of the Roman Empire in real time. Moral decay, over reaching of power, corruption, greed, loss of direction.
      I love watching America collapse, it was a worthless world leader.
    • Adrienne Adonisin reply tol.(Show commentHide comment)
      l., it has nothing to do with qualifications ....... it has to do with a corrupt left wing media who is the mouth piece for corrupt politicians...... trump is a successful businessman who knows what the true Americans want for their country. Again this is about political corruption ...... people in govt who are not in it for the best interest of the American people but for their own selfish twisted perverted agenda.
    • Adrienne Adonisin reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, the only lesson here to learn is the corrupt political system at hand and the fools that fall into believing what is written about the new administration.
    • landauroj
      This was my contribution one month before Trump was elected president. It was prophetic. See what I wrote: "If you go deep into the USA constitution, you will see a statement on it about impeachment of the USA president for having links with the enemy. Obama is creating the grounds that this will happen sometime due to many republicans in both houses do not like Trump, specially the industrial complex of arm production. If this course of action is taken, an investigation is assured, and Trump can be accused of being a traitor by way of conspiring with Russia to undermine the democratic system of the USA. Remember the USA communist party was banned under a law cooked by the USA political establishment. Putin must keep a low profile and keep distant from Trump (Putin should learn from the Chinese). Keep low profile!. So you see, everything is being cooked for this purposes.
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      Have sex with a bunch minors Donald, your probably not into it but that should make the neocons step back think wait a minute, he's one of us!
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      double bonus
      Trump needs to "Trust-Bust" the US Media first, before he can accomplish anything else. He said a good version of it, that from Trump's perspective,
      the US Media is reporting for the "special interests" instead of in the
      "public interest" of the American People.

      But, for Trump, just criticizing the media is never going to be enough. And, it is not really the reporters' or news anchors' fault. It is their corporate bosses that are the cause of this bad reporting; and the left-wing slanting of their coverage.

      Trump needs to bust up the big corporate media companies; and reduce them into many more smaller media organizations, to put more of a plurality; back into the Mainstream US Media; instead of this Uni-Mind Dictatorship of the [left-wing / neoliberal / neocon] Corporate Media Bosses.
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