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    Minnesota Senator Al Franken

    Republicans Secretly Worry Trump 'Not Right, Mentally' - Senator Al Franken

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    US Senator Al Franken said February 10 that Republican senators are secretly afraid that the new US president is actually "not right, mentally."

    "And then some are harsher," he continued.

    Franken, a Democrat, says he speaks with Republican senators privately, and that some are very concerned about President Donald Trump's actions and even his mental state.

    "I haven't heard a lot of good things and I've heard great concern about his temperament," he told Bill Maher on the show Real Time.

    Franken also joked that because Republicans now control the US Congress, an impeachment of the new president — a lawsuit has been filed that alleges the president is in violation of the constitution because his businesses receive payments from foreign governments — is "months and months away."

    "I know everybody wants a quick fix on this," he said, "but this is going to be a bit of a marathon."

    However, the Democrat said "this week has been incredibly encouraging," with hundreds of people showing up for town halls and making their voices heard. "There's a tremendous amount of energy and I want to encourage people to keep that up. It really helps," the Minnesota senator said.

    Republicans Jason Chaffetz of Utah and Diane Black of Tennessee were both shouted down at town hall meetings with their constituents, often about concerns the president will get rid of the Affordable Care Act enacted by his predecessor and leave them without health insurance.

    "It works, we got hundreds of thousands of calls about Betsy DeVos at the Senate and that makes a difference," Franken said. "She is on notice now, and she's not going to be able to do a lot of the things that I think she wanted to do because of that. What you people do makes a huge difference."

    Franken also said the president "has got to stop" saying millions of people voted illegally in the last election, given that there is no actual evidence of his claim. "It's very disturbing," he said. 

    "This is very, very, very disturbing, that the president has a habit of either imagining things or making stuff up. That's really outside the norm of not just presidents, but of human beings," Franken concluded. 


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      Minnesota is a progressive State. Al Franken is from Minnesota. If you do not produce, you are out of the mind of the State of Minnesota as far as its leadership is concerned. Ask Hubert Humphrey. Ask Walter Mondale. Ask Jesse Ventura. Ask Francken when he is ousted, and he will be.
    • neo con artist
      Drain the swamp, Franken's no jew... he's an all-in, dual citizen criminal Zionist
    • Hermesin reply toneo con artist(Show commentHide comment)
      neo con artist,
      It says here he is a jew and was supposed to be Clinton's pick for Vice-president.
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      Imagine that a liberal moron saying moronic things. Shocked am I! Isnt al franken the reason they invented toilet paper?
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      marcanhaltin reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, He is a ju and he never was a consideration for VP, and this proves why Spence was always the choice. Look at what Franken has accomplished, I mean besides stealing the Senatorship from Norm Coleman through voter fraud in 2008. He was a joke in Minnesota and he continues his reputation in DC. His style is a literary one and he is not to be taken seriously in any venue. He is a 'plant', if you know what I mean. It is interesting, too, that all of his remarks where made on the HBO liberal program with Bill Maher; verbatim. It tells you how far Sputnik is willing to go to find its "garbage time', and call it "newsworthy".
    • Zoanthropy
      I'm enjoying this clean up of America, pulling the plug on the swamp.
      Let's hope it's spreads to the UK and France.
    • rodneswicksculptor
      I suppose Al Franken would say Killary was "right" in
      the head?
    • avatar
      The usual suspects within the US Govt instigator/agitators and their gullible followers that number in the tens of millions. The media is deliberately preparing the foundation for a massive outbreak of violent anarchy to try and depose Trump. It is not Trump that is mental ill it is the entire American system that is mentally ill. And the entire American system as a whole is completely dysfunctional and out of control. And the Owners of The USA are enjoying the most expensive reality show known to man. Stay tuned folks cause the fireworks are next once they light up a Roman candle under Trumps' watch.
    • neo con artistin reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, it's that old 'would've, could've, should've' playing out, about him being VP choice... Al F is a Zionist who frankly does more for Isreal than his own country... not a jew, as seen on his stance on Palestine
    • support
      Now in the USA, every form of behaviour which does not betoken instant obedience with a smile is classified as a "behavioural disorder" for which there is a special pill that, when you take them, are guaranteed to blow out your liver, pancreas and kidneys in under 20 years.

      There is in fact an "aggressive behaviour disorder syndrome" listed and "treated" under the new listing of "behvioural medicine"-eligible non-diseases called DSM-5. Here is this lying, Soviet era-style totalitarian handbook in full:


      Senator Franken should rejoice in President Trump's non-existent mental illness! Senator Franken is one of the Democrat legislators who sponsored and supports hiring the mentally ill and in fact giving them preferential and Federally-subsidized hiring status!

      The mass murdering pervert Hillary repeatedly referenced in her campaign speeches that "20% of the USA's citizens are mentally ill." This is not true.

      When eligibility criteria changed for receiving free money from welfare agencies, millions of Americans on the dole re-filed for disability benefits from Social Security which can be as much as $2400/month plus free medical, housing, food stamps and phone service. The catch is you have to "prove" by acting goofy for the staff shrink at Social Security thus demonstrating you are crazy. If you are a veteran with 10 minutes of combat experience or proof of some form of traumatic experience (to include Happy Mister Drill Sergeant yelling at you in boot camp--no joke!) you can double your psycho-money dole through "double-dipping" from the Veterans Administration plus get free transportation and a "therapy dog."

      I know personally half-a-dozen PTSD fakers who would not know a Locus Coroleus gland from a bagpipe who admit privately that they are collecting the money to pay down child support courtesy of the State. They also supplement that income through selling where they can their psycho-medications. Oxycontin is the big seller in demand in the illegal street market.

      All these liars and fakers vote for Democrats because they are the Party For Free Money Giveaways and as such constitute amongst the last of the welfare thieves beside US defence contractors and US churches who receive Federal subsidies to provide care services to illegal immigrants.

      Mr. Trump neither smokes nor drinks nor has he ever used recreational drugs. As this is the case, the chances of him having any form of character flaw or mental condition are zilch point nothing. From a "home truth" standpoint having grown up in the pre-leftist Detroit area with many playmates and college student peers of Polish, Hungarian, Russian and Czech ethnic backgrounds, no Slav woman would put up with American-style male crybaby substance abuse. They hate liars, seem to be always very strong and hardworking and would be inclined to pound a weenie like Al Franken unconscious if they were not so polite for the Senator blathering on and for being the prevaricating dissimulator and poor sport that he is.

      No one in their right mind would play golf with him for either points or for money: if he lost he would bully you for the money or points back, probably for years. This is not fake news he is promulgating but a damned and double-damned lie. His parents were they alive would be ashamed of him.
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      chrrevin reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      elsa.zardini, you forgot three zeros right...
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Franken is a typical democratic always whining about something. If Franken says there is no proof of illegals voting in the election then there has to be an audit to prove Trump right or wrong. The American people know that Trump is correct knowing that illegals vote ...... Because in every democratic voting area the democrats are historically known not to ask for any form of ID from democratic voters. They just allow you to vote and ask for no proof at all. So Trump is correct about voter fraud.
    • avatar
      And so it starts - the slow assassination by the proverbial thousand cuts including the big one - insanity. Trump in the white coat surrounded by different kind of security guards. The End.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      The only people not right mentally are the sick rioting liberal socialists who can't take rejection and must go into a quiet room to squeeze silly putty or listen to calming music because someone hurt their feelings. What a bunch of twats. The people who are demented are the liberals and their emotional reactions to defeat. All of this BS # not my president crap...... A bunch of adults acting like imbeciles ......... This includes the democratic leaders in Washington ......
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      Antares Prime
      The whole thing is just another sick joke by a very sick comedian! Frankenstein should stick to entertainment and get out of politics.
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      elsa.zardiniin reply tochrrev(Show commentHide comment)
      chrrev, OOPS! Thank you for the correction! Right.
    • support
      Over half of the Honourable Elected Congresspersons of the USA could not pass a simple urinalysis test for controlled substances and "pattern" alcohol abuse. Unlike their staff, they are exempt because rank has its privileges.

      If they wish to push their luck with these ridiculous accusations, it is fully within th epower of the President to deploy White House security teams to test all of them at random. I am sure the public would very much approve of such activities.

      Substance abuse testing at random of elected officials and judges ought to have been a mandated Federal requirement decades ago.
    • avatar
      Correct sir. He is not at all like career politicians of the establishment.
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      Americans secretly worry, government "Not right mentally, morally, or ethically ", ever.
    • avatar
      Americans secretly worry, government "Not right mentally, morally, or ethically ", ever.
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