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    Russian President Vladimir Putin. November 4, 2016

    Putin Predicted 'Uncontained Hyper Use of Military Force' by NATO a Decade Ago

    © Sputnik/ Sergei Guneev
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    Vladimir Putin's speech at the 2007 Munich Security Conference has proven prophetic, analysts told Sputnik. Putin warned against the exertion of the "unipolar model" on other nations by the US-led NATO bloc. The question arises whether the US under Donald Trump will recognize "the right of all nations to put their own interests first."

    Ten years ago, on February 10, 2007, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech on global affairs and international security which was later called "prophetic" by international observers.

    In his speech the Russian President brought the post-Cold War world order into focus, predicting that an "uncontained hyper use of military force" by NATO member states coupled with "disdain for the basic principles of international law" will lead to global instability and a surge in violence.

    "We are seeing a greater and greater disdain for the basic principles of international law. And independent legal norms are, as a matter of fact, coming increasingly closer to one state's legal system," Putin said, referring to the emergence of the "unipolar model."

    "One state and, of course, first and foremost the United States, has overstepped its national borders in every way. This is visible in the economic, political, cultural and educational policies it imposes on other nations. Well, who likes this? Who is happy about this?" the Russian President asked rhetorically.

    "I consider the unipolar model not only unacceptable, but also impossible in today's world… What is even more important is that the model itself is flawed because at its core there is and can be no moral foundations for modern civilization," Putin highlighted.

    German soldiers stand guard during the NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg's first visit as head of NATO at German NATO base, Camp Marmal, in Mazar-i Sharif, Afghanistan, Friday, Nov. 7, 2014
    © AP Photo/ Massoud Hossaini
    German soldiers stand guard during the NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg's first visit

    Speaking to Sputnik France, French journalist and geopolitical analyst Arnaud Dotezac pointed out that nothing has really changed since then and in the 2010s, the US continued to externalize their domestic law imposing their own vision onto others.

    "The unipolar system means that the US is playing the role of the world's policeman… It turned NATO into an international gendarmerie, and police, which monitors compliance with the economic and financial standards. We have learned this first hand from the economic sanctions," Dotezac told Sputnik.

    "Even then Putin said that the United States had externalized its domestic law. Nothing has changed since then… and we see that [this practice] continues today," the French analyst noted.

    Dotezac recalled that among those who listened to Putin's Munich speech in 2007 were Senator John McCain and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who at that time was regarded as Russia's partner.

    These people are still running politics and Putin's words have not lost their relevance, Dotezac remarked.

    Lode Vanoost, political analyst and former deputy speaker of the Belgian parliament, echoes Dotezac.

    In his interview with Radio Sputnik, Vanoost said that Putin's 2007 vision is as relevant as ever.

    "I think that the assessments Vladimir Putin made in 2007 are just relevant today as they were ten years ago… I don't mean that nothing has changed in the world, it changes all the time, but everything he was warning against, the US and NATO member states are going in the direction that is detrimental to world peace," Vanoost highlighted, referring to the disastrous situation in the Middle East, the refugee crisis in the EU and the recent escalation of global tensions.

    "It was pretty clear when the Cold War ended that the so-called narrative behind NATO's existence collapsed at once. NATO was [seen] as an organization aimed… at [containing] Russian, Soviet 'expansionist ambitions'. And once [the USSR] was gone they [NATO] went on the same way… NATO and the EU continued to expand toward Eastern Europe. [It] was nothing but a provocation towards Russia," Vanoost underscored.

    NATO troops at a range in Estonia participating in the Saber Strike-2016 exercises, June 2016.
    © Sputnik/ Sergey Stepanov
    NATO troops at a range in Estonia participating in the Saber Strike-2016 exercises, June 2016.

    Commenting on the matter, Koray Gurbuz, an expert at the Bilkent University and the former Chairman of the Turkish Veterans Council, pointed out that the NATO expansion fully complies with the US foreign strategy to maintain its control globally.

    "The main goal of US foreign policy strategy, which is focused on expansion, is to maximally subjugate countries and nations, and to make them act in [the US'] own interests… While pursuing this strategy the US uses NATO standards as a tool to exert pressure on developing countries, in particular, on their military structures. This [strategy] poses a security threat to these countries and the world as a whole," Gurbuz told Sputnik Turkiye.

    Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? In his interview with Sputnik Serbian, Belgrade based independent analyst and researcher Aleksandar Pavic expressed cautious optimism US President Donald Trump's foreign strategy.

    Pavic noted that back in 2007 Putin realized the direction the world was going in. Putin's prognoses proved true, the Serbian analyst said, referring to the unilateral proclamation of independence by the so-called "Republic of Kosovo," the 2008 war in South Ossetia, provoked by the US-backed Georgian regime of Mikheil Saakashvili, the invasion of Libya, the military aggression against Syria and the February 2014 coup and civil war in Ukraine.

    "I believe that the reason behind the victory of the US administration that [signaled that it] wants to normalize relations with Russia is that [the US] has realized the disastrous results of their policies," Pavic assumed.

    "Trump's first steps indicate that the United States wants to improve relations with Russia and consider the arguments Putin voiced ten years ago," he said.

    Indeed, during his inaugural speech Trump promised that the US will seek friendship with other nations and will do not seek to impose its way of life on others.

    "We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world, but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first. We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example. We will shine for everyone to follow," Trump said.

    Furthermore, in the course of his election campaign Trump has repeatedly called NATO an "obsolete" alliance.

    However, Dusan Kerny, Slovenske Narodna Noviny's columnist, does not share such an optimistic stance. According to Kerny, it is unlikely that the American establishment and the country's influential military-industrial complex will let Trump make a dramatic shift in US foreign policy.

    "In his Munich speech, Putin warned about stagnation in the field of disarmament. It has proven to be prophetic," Kerny told Sputnik Czech.

    "Is there any hope that there will be any progress under Donald Trump? I'm afraid not, as the new US president will be under strong pressure from the military-industrial complex," the columnist believes.

    Time will tell whether the US will change its decades-long foreign strategy and embrace a new multi-polar world order.

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      Putin is a great example of leadership and personal development from a Christian perspective. I cringe when the fascist rabble in US Congress, US government and EU call him a killer and madman. And yes, Rubio, Corker, Cruz and McCain are part of that.
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      The elite are attempting to start a new world war, if they do I know they will become a favoured target of many.
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      I'm Canadian and if America gets its wish and starts WW3 then all that matters to me in the end is that America is a wasteland.
      I sure wont take the side of the terrorist American government.
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      to be President of the widest Nation in the world, it's a must to be above medium...
      Definitely worth repeating.

      I only wish more people were listening.
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      marcanhaltin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, Wow!
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      Putin should not soften his stance should NATO show a severe aggresive posture. i am not sure Trump is going to be any friendly he is just talk because the others wont allow him to be soft on Russia. Otherwise he should have lifted sanctions long ago. George Soros (troubel maker Should be tried for crimes beyond count) is so old that he does not care if he is killed in a nuclear attack. Russia has every right to defend itself. Actually I have every right to sue him tne US courts for endangering my life by creating tension in parts of the world that therefore endangers my life outside the country during travel or mass extinction via nuclear war.
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      The Bunuelesque dimension to NATO is that Monty set the system up exclusively for the purpose of preventing Germany from becoming what it is today: contenders for the title of the ideological and economic and military ruler of all of Europe for the third time in 100 years. The only reason NATO ended up looking down Russia's cannon barrels is because Truman denied war reparations be paid to Russia when that arrangement was already agreed between FDR, Churchill and Stalin.

      As far as I am concerned Germany still owes Russia war reparations as does Sweden for providing Germany (via Malmo) coal, iron and other supplies as a "neutral."

      The 2007 Ponzi scheme re-labeled Casino modeled derivatives trading triggered the crash of Western economies and thus was the start gun for kicking off the Western race towards WW III. As Hillary's completely pointless destruction and destabilization of the Middle East has proven, there need not be any reason except to re-prime the West's economic pump for selecting vulnerable countries to destroy whilst culling America's generational crop of young persons as some sort of Hell-spawned sacrifice to American leadership's secret gods of murder.

      If such activity on that level is needed to put the West's economies back into gear, there is no reason that infrastructure projects could not be undertaken in lieu of war and mass murder. The idiocy of engaging in mass destruction is exacerbated by the reality that all of Europe's and North America's infrastructure suffers from being 50 to 100 years out of date, is in abject disrepair, and there are not even enough workers to maintain and service the equipment of the West's militaries on a timely peacetime basis much less during wartime. In theory NATO could be a force for making of Europe a showcase for good construction and infrastructure development practice which could then be applied to Africa and other industrial development arenas: just a casual survey of the European outposts of the US Army Corps of Engineers' capabilities for peacetime infrastructure development is awe-inspiring.

      Billions are spent yearly to simulate, plan, game and strategize the destruction of both Western and Eastern civilizations. Where is the money being spent to strategize their higher development and to thus conduct war-in-reverse, building up instead of tearing down? Where is the NATO/Marshall Plan for Europe 2.0 which skips altogether the blowing up of Europe ?
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      What kind of people in the west who could only "unite" in the death and destruction of the "world island" (as in WWars). Is there a diagnosis and/or cure for self-destruction?

      Worshiping of wisdom, maturity, loving goodness and heartfelt poetry?
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      Little wonder with US paying 650 Billion into NATO. i2.cdn.turner.com/money/dam/assets/160415172159-nato-gdp-1-780x439.jpg

      Seems we might now know where the missing Trillions went? seems US accounting on military spend stops at 650 Billion as both the spend on US military and the spend on NATO are exactly the same 650 Billion? for a Total of 1.3 Trillion upwards.

      All on borrowed money from Bond bail outs by Saudi and Japan who have just passed China's massive total.
      What BS no wonder US fried the Middle East wanting to ditch dollar once that is done no more borrowing and economic collapse no funds for NATO and just 100 Billion for US forces none of this open ended cheque book and endless spending it will all be gone.
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      The United States empire will not change it's stripes if anything the United States as it falls into disarray domestically will seek out new wars and enclaves to cause chaos and death. All in the name of "exceptionalism" and domestic unity. Trump is no better than Bush II or Obama. If Trump dares to stray from the corporate dictated doctrine of world enslavement under the vicious and anti people Capitalist economic model where anything goes Capitalism reigns supreme and human rights are just a talking point he will be dethroned post haste. The day the United States and NATO are buried is the day the world will breathe easier. Until that time we are all in extreme danger of being reduced to no more than slaves for the new corporate dictatorship.
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      "is there any light at the end of the tunnel? - wrong question, although maybe posed with innocence.

      "will this tunnel come to an end? - right question and this may come about in at least two possible ways
      1 - NATO takes on a conflict which it loses very badly and the leaders of the opposing side refuse to negotiate with the rothschilds (and co) and their soros slaves but go on to completely smash NATO via a complete destruction of the militaries of the nations that contribute/cooperate/sympathise with NATO
      2 - A counterbalancing military alliance implacably opposed to NATO is formed which also quickly goes into an expansion mode and hence NATO is forced to shrink to a size that is safe for humanity and is never allowed to expand again.

      There is light at the end of every tunnel; the important thing is to cut short the length of the tunnel
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