21:17 GMT +323 March 2017
    German soldiers attend a ceremony to welcome the German battalion being deployed to Lithuania as part of NATO deterrence measures against Russia in Rukla, Lithuania February 7, 2017

    Moscow Forced to Respond as NATO 'Deployed Hundreds of Bases Around Russia'

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    The increasing number of NATO troops near the Russian borders as well as lack of constructive dialogue between Russia and the alliance urge Moscow to take retaliatory steps, Russia's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Lithuania Alexander Udaltsov told Sputnik on Friday.

    VILNIUS (Sputnik) – NATO has been significantly increasing its presence in Eastern Europe after the eruption of the Ukrainian crisis in 2014 using alleged Russian interference in the Ukrainian internal affairs as a pretext, a claim Russia has repeatedly denied.

    Moscow has repeatedly voiced its protests against the NATO military buildup saying that will undermine regional stability and result in a new arms race.

    "The alliance is known to have deployed hundreds of military bases along the rather big perimeter around Russia. The real increase of the number of NATO troops in countries neighboring Russia through permanent rotation of contingents as well as lack of the constructive dialogue with us urge Russia to take serious retaliatory steps," Udaltsov said.

    Russia can cooperate closer with Lithuania to curb terrorist threats and strengthen border security, he said.

    "Russia, by the way, can cooperate closer with Lithuania in terms of curtailing terrorism threats, promoting safety of the borders. We have such proposals, so it is possible to go ahead with their realization," Udaltsov said.

    The ambassador also regretted Lithuanian policy toward Russia, with Vilnius planning to build a fence on the border with the Russian Kaliningrad Region for "geopolitical" reasons.

    During the last NATO summit in July, NATO resolved to strengthen its military presence in Eastern Europe on a rotational basis with four battalions in Poland and in the Baltic nations. During the 2014 summit, NATO established a 5,000-strong Very High Readiness Joint Task Force in response to the alleged Russian threat.


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    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      I wonder if those guys know they're being used or genuinely think Russia is a threat....
    • Mikhasin reply toJet fuel can't melt steel beams(Show commentHide comment)
      Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, Well, They know what to do if Russia as much as cough's from across the border and that is to run back where the h*ll they came from.
    • avatar
      This is ALL completely Russia's own fault.
      First NEVER EVER respond to color revolutions, all coup d etat always succeed.
      Next, Russia goes like a KID to resolve the coup by aligning the country or Russian lands with E.U NATO.. They may laugh so hard, they need a plastic surgery to reconstruct their mouths.
      BILL Clinton near DIE laughing while GORBACHEV was signing. He couldn't believe someone was such a TOOL a SUPER IDIOT SAVANT.. Well names no one would believe.
      They even had catchy jokes, to involve sober subjects for a coup d etat, making west sound smarter and a great choice.

      But the WORST RUSSIAN STUPIDITY, has been supporting this countries!!!
      Russia actually pays for their stay. Not ONLY allowed NATO to GROW, but it support giving them opportunities to make cash. That they use to pay for all that.
    • avatar
      Want this to END? As soon as ANY country go for rotation begin to HURT interests.. MR Pushkov is his name? He had the GREATEST IDEA.
      HURT them. Deny them investments opportunities. Licenses.

      They so CONFIDENT Russia is run by IDIOTS, that they confidently, STOP Olympic participation .
      Someone of their RUSSO PHOBIC agents, found a TROLL and say Russia was tampering all vials, BUT Russia cannot see the evidence. First time in world HISTORY that a whole country is punished, even if they INNOCENT,
      And the SAME MANURE BAG, said publicly, this would end IF PUTIN does the RIGHT THING.

      AGAIN , Russia's FAULT for NOT doing what is suppose to do. I spoke with some and they all believe, that many are getting ;paid by west. I mean, they say ALL the military will DO.
      Who say that? NO ONE, but Russian politicians.
      And is admitted that the world is attempting to BRIBE diplomats and politicians inside Russia.
      and they want COUPS while PUTIN is in power. Because he JUST let it all happen.

      To this second, not a new law to protect against coup's and secession of Russian lands been erected.
      Ukraine is part of Russia's territorial integrity as was Belarus, Georgia and more.
      BUT I am with Gorbachev. A new unity could emerge.
      But Russia MUST work hard and fast.
      Forget WEST. Forget U.S. NATO and all.
      Russia lost a chance to buy Venezuelan petrol shares, due to west opposition in power. IF EXXON goes, they approve it tomorrow. FAST!!
      Russia did NOTHING to help Venezuela gain a FOOTING , and defeat opposition. NOT with force.
      But wisdom.
      IF Russia wants this OVER. Begin by forgetting and denying energy projects together, Refuse investments.
      NO to sell energy shares.
      Actually Russia will benefit immensely, IF Russia limits gas , resource sales. This means NO new E.U contracts.
      UNLESS they go asking for Russia to do it and no3rd energy package.
      Hold them and pass a policy, and their gas will go UP. In a few years they be BEGGING at Kremlin. They NOT comrades.

      Also, create institutions. FORGET investors. Now is, that they need investors for ARCTIC. BULL HORN.
      Russia DO have the cash . USE IT. Then sell a part to investors, once is valuable higher. Say 30% sold?
      Russia needs better anti corruption teams. Kremlin should hire 30,000 personnel. They be auditing and chasing from corruption to tax evasion and counterfeiting.
    • avatar
      Build a huge base in Cuba.
    • FeEisi
      NATO has broken their promise not to expand the alliance. And NATO isn't respecting the 1997 Founding Act by deploying troops throughout Eastern Europe including those in Ukraine, Lviv for training reasons. #MAGA
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