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    U.S. President Donald Trump speaks by phone with Russia's President Vladimir Putin in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S. January 28, 2017

    Putin-Trump Talks Show US Intends to Work With Russia 'Without Phobias'

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    US President Donald Trump demonstrated a intention to work with Russia "without phobias" during his phone talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Putin held his first phone conversation with Trump on his new post as president of the United States on Saturday, January 28.

    "From the US side, there was perceived an intent to work in a businesslike manner, without phobias, in the interests of both sides," Georgiy Borisenko, head of the ministry's North America department, told lawmakers in the Russian upper house of parliament.

    Borisenko characterized the phone talks as "very deep on the scope of subjects and, importantly, constructive and warm."

    The diplomat noted at the Council of the Federation roundtable that a similar attitude "is already noticeable in contacts with Trump's staff."

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      I don't mean to seem hard to please, but peace with Russia will mean NOTHING if Trump keeps pumping hostility with Iran on behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia in Yemen and Syria and Iran. Or if Trump continues the same hostile foreign policy with North Korea or supporting the Kiev junta in Ukraine. The US can't keep chasing what is profitable without causing a major war eventually. Peace should be for everyone.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      If Trump wants to move forward with Russia he has to pull completely out of Ukraine. Let Ukraine fight its own battles and let the EU get involved financially and militarily instead. There could be tension when it comes to Iran and trump and rightly so. Obama should have never given Iran the 150 billion. Now trump wants it back. One way or another. So trump will have to keep Putin in the loop regarding Iran and if trump does not get involved militarily with Iran but puts sanctions on them then I think Putin will step aside.
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      Trump is just another yankee nutter. Russia should beware of him just like of any american administration.
    • support
      If and when a relationship is established which appears fruitful and congenial, two of the priorities the USA must address for which Russian diplomatic expertise would be profoundly useful if not nation-saving for the USA are the following:

      1. How can the USA deal with reversing the trend toward "Vietnamization" a la 1958 of the US street-level politics in a manner which pleases and meets the needs of both polarized factions? Russia has dealt with such internal problems repeatedly with success without having to repeat past errors of the Soviet regime. The US government regardless of th ereime has been heading toward the present divergence and polarization since 1968 or so which year also was but a watershed for unsolved issues which had been unaddressed since the end of WW II.

      2. The USA is also heading toward a scenario where an early Millennium-era Chechnya situation will inevitably arise, not a regional basis but on a city-by-city basis. The Russian Federation has done an excellent job of turning that around to the benefit of all parties concerned. Sharing of Russian expertise and techniques would be helpful.

      Both factions at present for Problem One are using 19th century black powder cannon to solve a guided missile problem. Problem Two if unsolved also has the potential of turning the USA inside out like a latex glove. Everyone on both sides is convinced that a Canada style solution is possible but there is no evidence to support this, nor are the cultural variables even available in the USA. Come to that, Canada has not solved either problem to anyone's satisfaction.

      That is a sizeable quid pro quo which all factions in the USA would be happy to pay down through sanction lifting whilst agreeing not to try on stuffing American "values" down anyone's throat as in the neocon past.

      I am just an observer in the bleachers watching the Great Game in play, but it is my apartment building and town which will be burned to the ground or shelled to bits if the USA blows it as they have in the past. As ever America's worst enemy has always been itself and its own citizens. If I had my way President Trump would not spend ten minutes on foreign policy until the home front in the USA is sorted out.

      Speaking of sharing, I wish to extend my warm and heartfelt thanks to the Russian Academy of Sciences' Philosophy of Science Department for translating into English then making available for free in PDF form the Karpenko-edited forum on many-variable semantic logics at their Website. It is a great help in my amateur work and I believe earnestly will help many non-Russian researchers in various related areas get their work done properly in sorting out all that is currently wrong-headed in magnetoelectro-optics and -catalysis, simultaneity & causality issues in resonant plasma phenomena and in computational fluid dynamics. My fondest dream is for Mir Book Publishing to "open shop" again.
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