21:42 GMT29 March 2020
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    In the opinion of US Senator Rand Paul, "somebody needs to go to jail" for the #GoldenShowerGate 'scandal' that never was.

    "Look, the Intelligence Community has [had] a great loss of credibility in the past few years," Senator Paul, a Kentucky Republican, said. Paul points to James Clapper, the sitting Director of National Intelligence, who "came to the Senate and lied under oath" regarding the NSA’s global surveillance and espionage conducted against American citizens. Perhaps the most sinister aspect of Clapper’s deception is that he kept his job. Then again, getting away with perjury, a felony under federal law, is no small feat either.

    Attempts by 17 US intelligence services to exert political influence are egregious and "unseemly," according to Paul. "It’s not their job, it’s not their role," Paul noted, adding, "It takes away from their credibility." CIA Director James Brennan has publicly bashed Trump, but Paul finds the political ploy wholly outside the purview of the CIA’s sphere of responsibility. "The CIA should be in the background trying to protect our country," Paul said.

    So what could have sourced the leaked intel that Trump and President Barack Obama had been briefed on the false dossier alleging that Russia had compromising information on the incoming US President? “This was either leaked to networks and to other organizations by intelligence officials” Paul said, echoing Trump’s concern.

    ​Alternatively, "Democrats, part of the ‘elite eight’ that get these briefings" could have publicized classified information, the Senator noted. "There are only a few people that could have leaked this information."


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