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    French President Francois Hollande

    Hollande on Trump's NATO Remarks: Europe Needs No Policy Advice From Abroad

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    Europe intends to continue cooperating with NATO and does not need any advice on its actions from foreign states, French President Francois Hollande said Monday, commenting on US President-elect Donald Trump’s criticism of NATO.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The statement came after US President-elect Donald Trump called NATO an "obsolete" organization in an interview with The Times newspaper, saying it is not much engaged in countering terrorism, while its member countries' contributions are not efficient.

    In the same interview Trump also welcomed British decision on Brexit, criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s migration policy and described prospects for improving US-Russia relations.

    "Europe will always be ready to continue transatlantic cooperation, but it will be determined by its interests and values … [Europe] does not need external advice," Hollande said, as quoted by Le Soir newspaper.

    Throughout the 2016 campaign, Trump called into question the viability of NATO, the disproportionate US financial contribution to the alliance and Washington’s pledge to defend NATO’s members as per Article 5 of the Washington Treaty that established the alliance in 1949.

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      This TRAITOR.. When is the next BAIL OUT?
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      In the same interview Trump also welcomed British decision on Brexit, criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s migration policy and described prospects for improving US-Russia relations.
      Come, come, now> Merkel and Obama's thug friends have been taking cheap shots at Trump ever since he was elected. Now the bullies complain because Trump pushes back a little?

      I think this is when it started. Then HRW and others started in on Trump.
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      Hollande's not the right guy to give speeches about not needing help to govern. He can't even run for re-election.
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      How much does the US tax payer hand over to NATO? How much does France hand over to NATO? Yet, the socialists of Europe do not believe that the future President of the US should have a say in where the US tax payers money is spent?
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      What a loser! Doesn't need any advice from foreign state on NATO I thought the US ran NATO. So if French pansie doesn't want advice don't listen.If NATO no longer foreign state I mean US it would collapse as who pays the most? If arrogant French guy wants Germany overrunning them a 3 rd time keep up that attitude as Trump ( the guy from foreign state) may dissolve NATO as it wouldn't come to our aid so it serves us no purpose. Hey French pansie guy don't bother us when Germany invades you yet again as the (foreign state) will sit this one out!! I see no real purpose as maybe a few NATO friends would help us but many would probably stay home.But although great idea NATO is a cold war relic that has served its purpose long ago.
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      double bonus
      [criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s migration policy and described prospects for improving US-Russia relations. "Europe will always be ready to continue transatlantic cooperation, but it will be determined by its interests and values … [Europe] does not need external advice," Hollande said,]

      Trump wasn't offering you advice. He was criticizing you as a f**king dumb-@ss.
      for letting all the migrants in, and allowing them to destroy the peaceful low-crime conditions in your countries.
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      Crowbarin reply todouble bonus(Show commentHide comment)
      double bonus, Very well put!!!! French pansie guy I'm from" foreign state" where advice came from? You talk big but when Boss Trump bitchslaps you for disrespect the way he did to some recently.You think you run NATO? Guess what your boss in so called "foreign state" is shutting NATO down so you're on your own buddy.What I said before!!!! When Germany invades again don't bother us as we will sit the next invasion out. Just don't call as hanging out near the pool with some women ,your on your own.
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      This guy obviously doesn't know what's been going on for the last 70 years! When the US and UK say jump, France and Germany always ask: 'how high?'. He must think his citizens are stupid! He is a war criminal like Sargozy, Blair, Cameron, Bush and BHO...!
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      Why was he running back and forth to Washington everytime he met with Russian, Sergey Lavrov? Does he want to return the cookies given out by Victoria Nuland? And who does he think has brought the Ukraine upon its knees? And, who governs the security of europe with eyes and ears all over europe? Trump will rearrange the North Atlantic Tank full O'shit!
    • Lee
      Good boy Francois.
      Now, go lay down!
    • C Han
      Foreign state?
      Is US a foreign State of NATO???

      As far as I do remember US is part of NATO since 1949.
      Do not forget that France under de Gaulle withdrew from NATO in 1966 and returned in April 2009.

      Strange statement!
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      Oh la la the puppet is talking, let him go to sleep, even the Elysee Palace is under American control. Beeter for Hollande to go to shit and not talk.
    • sapper
      Dear Mr Hollande, when was the last time you ever made a decision without asking the US for permission!!!????
    • basho
      what a world mr hollandaise must live in.
      the EU has been a drone/clone for u.s. policy for years.
      ...and FR after De Gaulle has been at the head of the line.

      when is the election?

      Question: an acquaintance of mine tells me Sputnik is not available with the Safari (Apple) browser. is this true?
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      Hollande now's he is not more in office !!!! now he try to show he have balls !!!!!
      What a loser and coward !!!
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      double bonusin reply toCrowbar(Show commentHide comment)
      Crowbar, Trump was merely stating the obvious here, not giving advice.
      It was a foregone conclusion that mass migrations from alien cultures would cause problems. NATO isn't necessarily all that relevant to most Americans.
      It seems very relevant to Russians though, but you have two different perspectives here. Couldn't care less about NATO until saw the Russians constantly complaining about it, then had to study and learn about it.
      Not sure who you mean by "we" but nobody is afraid of Germans or invasions; and Trump is on the defensive against the media, so no disrespect is possible.
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      I was complementing what you said as you had a good comment .I meant we as the US. I know Germany won't invade anyone was being smart as they did invade France twice last century.The French president didn't want "outside advise from foreign states " on NATO but the US pays for it to stay running and is the main power behind it not him.He was arrogantly stating he didn't want our advice on NATO but he forgets the US is behind it not him.If Trump doesn't see it as needed then he will dissolve NATO. The other story at the top the ex French P.M. said Trumps statement was a "Declaration of War" and to expect "No Peace" if we aligned with Russia. You are very right as NATO doesn't matter much to the US. So I was just commenting on the French arrogance in this story and threats towards the US ( in the other story) they were acting as if the US is junior member and should have no say in NATO. Basically I was telling France don't disrespect us or we will not come to their aid if attacked .Germany was used as last century they kept invading France so I was trying to be funny. The remark was about their Presidents comment and arrogant statement .The other story although not really commencing on that the ex P.M. said of the US comment saying NATO was obsolete. That our comment was a Declaration of War and if we aligned with Russia to expect no peace. I took that as a threat and insult as France doesn't pay much but think they are running it while acting if we had no say in NATO. Sorry for the confusion I was just being a smart azzz towards France and saying you had a good comment.
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      Tim - USAin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, Below is a quote and link from an article that clearly explains how US taxpayers are getting ripped off by all these socialist NATO freeloaders.

      “The volume of the US defense expenditure effectively represents 73 per cent of the defense spending of the Alliance as a whole,”

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