21:19 GMT +323 March 2017
    View of the Moscow Kremlin from the Big Moskvoretsky Bridge

    Sanction War Will End Soon - Russian Deputy PM

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    Western Sanctions Against Russia (704)

    Russia's deputy prime minister said that both sanctions and Moscow's countermeasures will soon become a thing of the past.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Moscow should operate under the assumption that both anti-Russia sanctions and countermeasures will soon lose their effectiveness, Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said Friday.

    "Perhaps it is time to understand that the sanctions will soon cease to have effect, and so will counter-sanctions," Shuvalov said at the Gaidar Forum.

    He noted that Russia's countermeasures expire on December 31, 2017.

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    Western Sanctions Against Russia (704)


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      This is why. First Russian politicians CAN'T SHUT UP about it Is all each thinks!!!
      Instead of invest some coffers cash, to create much m,ore sanitary cities. I say two get construct or going yearly. Two small ones. And two get repaired or updated!!!!
      Why this, To increase life expectancy!!!

      Next is to increase age for social security. at 62 you could retire with 1/4 of your calculated amount !!
      At 65 retirement with 2/3 of max calculated is possible!!!!
      Then at 67 they could get 100! of calculated retirement.
      At 70 they get 100% plus they can earn all they want!! IF they retire at 70.
      By 2025 or later Russia could calculate quarterly all soc sec collected and give checks based on amount.
      Yes many get more than others. TRUE!! So you calculate by fractional or percentage the amount under different brackets!!
      And eventually this be calculated and money invested in secure items or frozen. Invest in secure 3 years is more desirable. Earning could be re invested to create a RAINY DAYS fund.

      Russia have tremendous future. BUT Russia MUST invest in Russia. And more, innovate. Russia needs secret cities!! On all areas. Academia need innovation centers. And dedicated UNI per topic. Depending what is needed. To create RADIOS is one topic of example.
      While regular uni be the best in the planet, it will omit this dedicated teaching and innovation centers. ONLY corporations tapping and hiring and PAYING students to learn , will get access.
      then ACADEMIA at secret cities to teach secret stuff by levels.

      Russia should begin NOW..

      Forget sanctions. Time to work on a new union and merge CIS EEU. A PACE is so needed.
      I agree with Gorbachev that a new union could emerge from ex Soviet states.
      But protection against coups. Liker UKRAINE , that the constitution prohibits coup winners from running the government!!!
      What an UGLY legacy of a DICTATOR.
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      Talk about not understanding the world!
      Sanctions are and never were about effectiveness. It is high time that Russia understood that it is at war with the power brokers in the West.
      There will be no change in anti Russian feeling just because the US president has changed; the antagonism toward Russia is well entrenched and will increase as the year progresses.
      There has to be a payback for making the US/Daesh look foolish in Syria and because Russia has all the appearance of an appeasement policy, it will encourage further anti Russian acts.
      Sometimes I wonder at Russian optimism.
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