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    Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin speaks to his supporters during a election night watch party after Republican Donald Trump won Utah Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, in Salt Lake City. Trump won Utah's six electoral votes.

    Treason? McMullin Says Trump Acts on Behalf of Russia

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    Former independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin said today that the US president-elect not only received help from a foreign power on his way to the White House, but that he was essentially a foreign agent.

    Speaking to MSNBC January 8, McMullin said there were two "tests" to conduct to assess Trump's loyalties.

    "There are two tests. The first test is this question: Does Donald Trump act on behalf of a foreign power, or does he act in the interests of a foreign power especially over our own interests," McMullin said.

    "The clear answer to that is yes, and that is very alarming."

    With Trump's loyalties answered for, McMullin, who got about.05% of the popular vote in last year's election, moved on to treason.

    "The second… part of the test is, does Donald Trump act under the control of a foreign power, and that's something that's very hard to determine. I think we would know more if we had his tax returns," he said.

    McMullin is particularly disturbed by Trump's defense of "the Russians." The president-elect has flip flopped on a number of issues over the past year, but he has consistently said that having a good relationship with Russia is a good idea and remained skeptical about Russia's influence on the US election, even as inflammatory reports of Russian hacking abounded.

    This is very bad, McMullin said. "It very disturbing and peculiar, to say the least, that Donald Trump, that there is one thing he's consistent on: it's his defense of Vladimir Putin and the Russians."

    "That is something we need to know more about, but it is truly alarming, for sure."

    Trump reiterated on Saturday that good relations with Russia were a good idea. Before that, he praised the Russian president's restraint in not lashing out after the US expelled dozens of diplomats and shut down two compounds in response to intelligence reports that Russia did indeed hack Democratic party computers.

    This is not the first time the former CIA operative has called Trump's loyalties into question. Last month, over Twitter, he said Trump was taking sides with "America's greatest adversary" — once again effectively accusing the president-elect of treason.

    Also in December he said Trump is "not a loyal American" for suggesting Rex Tillerson, a former ExxonMobile head with business ties to Russia, for secretary of state.


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      All you have to do with this one, is start with the name. It is his real name? More importantly, is it his real ancestry. What 'tribe' in the Middle East is known for its using an Irish birth name, possibly more than the Irish themselves?

      Secondly, do the powers that be really want a war with Russia this bad, or is this a preliminary round to help set the stage for an impeachment?

      Thirdly, have we all gone mad?
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      That's nothing. They will SQUEAL for real soon.
      And they best end Ukraine mess Russia is beginning to lose patience.
      KIEV will end like ALEPPO IF they do NOT stop the Israel Palestinian scenario in E Ukraine.
      ANd best keep Israel at bay. IF Israel attacks Syria, maybe, they call Russia from Damascus, and Israel will BURN. Overnight. No more military. ANd why not at same time return all lines to 1947 lines. End the other abusive bully that get F35 to attack Palestine.
    • Alan Reid
      It sure is funny how all the LOSERS of this election are throwing around unsubstantiated rumors of treason and being an agent of Russia with out any proof whatsoever. So without PROOF the whole lot of these Russia hacking claims are at best slander. President Putin is sure being a good sport with all the slander thrown at his name of late. It sure is nice to have a nice obvious bunch of malcontent to point to and say "Look any way you scrub it these guys are lying there asses off about everything they might open there mouths about" Sooner or later the stink from this huge pile of lies is going to have an effect, Sooner or later the many will not be able to stomach the MSM and it's filthy lies and slanders on any topic. Hope it is sooner.
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      Watch this guy go from 0.5% support to 30-40% come next election courtesy of the deep state.
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      It's no wonder people think Americans are nuts.
      Hillary Dillery lost because there wasn't enough support for the evil witch
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      edover3in reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas,' McMullin is particularly disturbed by Trump's defense of "the Russians."'

      --Nothing wrong with Trump defending those who were falsely accused.
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      edover3in reply toMedvezhonok(Show commentHide comment)
      David C, Without official enemies, the US economy dies.
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      edover3in reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, He's another opportunistic loser who's trying to make a name for himself by jumping on the anti-Russia bandwagon, not to mention a few bucks.
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      The only person committing Treason here is McMullin by slandering a President elect in the hope of overturning his legally held election and all based on an allegation for which there has been no concrete proof come forward to verify.

      I hope Trump takes him to task on that!
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      what a clown!!! i hope trump makes life miserable for all theses bozzos!!!! he is calling him a traitor for wanting to be friends with our christian brothers but considers it perfectly normal for obama and clinton to be buddies with the saudis etc etc. are people getting more stupid by the day or what.
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      marcanhaltin reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, Evan only picked up some of the BS residual votes. He will never be heard from again
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      marcanhaltin reply toANGELO(Show commentHide comment)
      ANGELO, Good point, as you had several third party people, including HRC, that are committed atheists
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      "America's greatest adversary" Wow and the Saudi's are a part of our super best friends!!! If the Russians just shower the American elite with oil, cash and buy their weapons maybe they too can murder thousands of Americans on American soil and get away with it.
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      This guy, some how, some way ha$ $omething to gain from hostile relations with Russia. I think America needs to be rid of these kind of people.
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      More wisdom from the "Exceptional" US....when is enough enough?
    • nuclearstarr
      McMullin . . . wasn't he the candidate for the CIA Party?
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      McMullin is calling for the murder of the President of America, and that is an act of treason and a crime....
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      Who is this bum? An independent? Who's listening. All you have to do is check the Foundations that the Donald and Killary have. Which foreign countries paid into the "pay for play". That pretty much implicates Killary right to jail.
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      and his reason for being another public idiot? Other than the money he was paid I mean.
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      McMullin likes to answer his own questions for others.
      No wonder he got 0.05% votes.
      Voters sure know a liar when they see one.
      Since he comes from a broken family background, can't say much about this loser.
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