01:05 GMT +323 March 2017
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    Belgian Ex-Minister Calls EU's Self-Isolation From Russia a Geopolitical Mistake

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    Western countries make a big geopolitical mistake by self-isolating from Russia, Belgium's former Foreign Minister Louis Michel said Sunday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Both the European Union and the United States make a big geopolitical mistake by self-isolating from Russia, Michel said.

    "I believe that the international community, should it be the United States, though to a lesser extent than the Europeans, we make a serious mistake, a geopolitical mistake, by self-isolating from Russia," Michel said in an interview with the RTL television network.

    He highlighted that the West should review its policy toward Russia to make it "a privileged partner" of the Western states.

    "Russia is a European country. And I think it would be important to have a kind of special and rather close partnership with Russia," Michel said.

    According to Michel, the decision of US President Barack Obama to expel Russian diplomats revealed his real stance toward Russia.

    In late December 2016, Obama's administration ordered the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats, the closure of two Russian diplomatic compounds and new sanctions against six Russian individuals and five entities over Moscow's alleged interference in the 2016 election.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said Obama’s punitive measures were provocations aimed at further undermining of US-Russian relations and announced later his decision not to expel US diplomats from Russia. US President-elect Donald Trump in a Twitter message praised Putin’s call as a "great move."

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    • avatar
      Someone not drooling while thinking.
      U.S, E.U, NATO geopolitical ambitions brought this events up.
      Russia did not did a COUP D ETAT, it was U.S, E.U NATO. To make E.U NATO BIG and the rest have free trade with a BIG BLOCK. \
      This was GORBACHEV , YELTSIN STOOGES work.

      Now PUTIN game at KURIL'S could backfire too. If there is WW3 , let it be so. But no one will threat Russia over territories.
      Want to keep hugging you peace deal, do it. Since WW2, U.S is in JAPAN running geopolitical ambitions.
      Just that this time around Russia is not on it's knees and bent over. Like Gorbachev , Yeltsin left them.
      Putin did a lot, but is the own country capabilities, that returned Russia to an arena. And things are about to turn wild.
      IF Russia guards itself from U,S, E.U, NATO and add JAPAN.
      JAPAN noticed the same thing a guy finds on a naive girl. Keep pushing insisting and they give it up
      Same goes to the rest. 98% will give up.
      Russia MUST get TOUGH and ROUGH in business. And say NO..
      And keep the NO..
      Unless there is something on the table you really wish to have. NO.. Pay like anyone else.
      Can Russia make cash in Japan? Get economic areas?
      Then why?

      And I would nationalize resources. This going to lead to an African scenario. Where inexperience chief's presidents, leaders, go NAIVE. Later the countries investing lay clais to the properties as owned and manage from west.
      Regime changes follow. ICC gets use on war crimes. Or crimes against humanitarian for any BOGUS invented excuse.
      Until a puppet, becomes YES MAN. Like Gorbachev , Yeltsin, BEST E.U NATO assets EVER..
    • C Han
      Russia should never forget what EU done and how unreliable it is.
      You cannot in all honesty setup a business with such volatile partners. Of course Russia will resume trade and business with EU but should not expect anything good from such an organization.
      Just like Stalin never expected anything good from Hitler.
    • avatar
      has he been saying this for the past year or two?
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