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    Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, R-Ariz., leaves a closed-door GOP policy luncheon at the Capitol in Washington

    What's Behind Warmongering US Senators' Call to Stiffen Anti-Russia Sanctions

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    On Thursday, US President Barack Obama received a report from the US Intelligence Community regarding purported evidence of Russia’s alleged attempts to interfere with the US election system. However, even before the report was submitted to the president, Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham proposed expanding anti-Russian sanctions.

    Just Business

    McCain and Graham have gained a reputation as hardline anti-Russian politicians in the US establishment. Their recent idea of new sanctions against Russia is logical part of their political course. Recently, they visited Ukraine and NATO, as part of a campaign to build bridges between those countries and the alliance.

    McCain and Graham are representatives of "military clans" making good money on bills endorsed by the senators, according to Sergei Sudakov, a professor at the Academy of Military Sciences.

    The expert suggested that after Donald Trump inauguration as US president the US military lobby may change its leaders. McCain and Graham are now trying to secure leverage on the next US presidential administration.

    "In the US establishment, the two senators are known for their hardline anti-Russian stance. They have established relations with military clans and arms suppliers. As a result, if they want to establish a lobbyist group in Congress, then it would be very difficult to lift sanctions against Russia," Sudakov told RT.

    Experts also suggest that such measures are aimed at enabling bargaining with Trump on different issues of the military lobby.

    US-Russia Thaw Likely to Ruin the Plan

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry delivers remarks on Middle East peace at the Department of State in Washington December 28, 2016
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    However, the duo is likely to face hurdles in promoting their initiatives in Congress and the House of Representatives.

    In order to achieve their goals, they will have to win support from the leadership of the Republican-dominated Congress. However, Congress is expected to cooperate with Donald Trump in the near future, said Vladimir Vasilyev, a senior analyst at the Institute for US and Canadian Studies.

    "If there is a considerable normalization between Washington and Moscow plans by McCain and Graham will not have a serious impact," he said in an interview with RT.

    According to the expert, the recent proposal by the two senators could even help Trump and boost his positions in talks with Russia.

    Hysteria Over 'Russian Hackers'

    On January 4, CIA chief John Brennan said that there is clear evidence to Russia’s alleged interference with the US election system.

    A joint statement made by US intelligence, the US Cyber Command and the Pentagon read that Russia is a serious cyber-threat to the US government, its military and diplomatic infrastructure.

    At the same time, even famous hackers describe the allegations against Russia as absurd. In particular, Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar, known as Guccifer, says the claims are a fake.

    Speaking from prison in a Wednesday interview with Fox News, Lazar stressed that the allegations are "a fake cyber war" and that there is "hysteria" in the US regarding Russia stemming from the Cold War era.

    Experts suggest that not all the facts and details on the issue will be declassified. If the evidence base of the report was made public then Moscow would be able to provide its arguments to rebuff the allegations. But this is not what the US intelligence community wants.

    "If the report stays classified Russia can be blamed for everything," Sudakov noted.

    Obama’s Role

    On Thursday, an intelligence report on the issue was submitted to President Obama.

    According to experts, before quitting politics Barack Obama wants to engage maximum efforts to complicate further dialogue between the Trump administration and the Kremlin.

    The allegations of "Russia-sponsored hacker attacks" on the US electoral system is big part of the plan, especially taking into account the fact that they relate directly to Trump and his victory in the election.

    Moreover, Obama still cannot put up with Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the election.

    "He should have accepted the fact. One should understand that politics is changing and the world is different today. In this context, claims about 'Russian hackers' are a way to ignore the fact that the world has changed and the US is changing," Sudakov pointed out.


    In his actions, Obama relies on the logic of politics. Trump is an advocate of the logic of economy. The president-elect is set to normalize ties with Russia, including lifting sanctions. At least, such an assumption can be taken from his statements.

    Sanctions are damaging to the US economy, and as a businessman, Trump can clearly see that.

    "The current economic situation is not good for the US. Sanctions are harmful for US business. They create additional opportunities for other countries, including China. The US business establishment has repeatedly doubted the efficiency of sanctions," Vasilyev said.

    Trump’s approach is shared by many Americans. According to Sudakov, over 90 percent of US decision makers are not interested in keeping sanctions against Russia in place.


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      There is something about all the "Middle Earth" drama that leaves the naive and foolish beguiled and entranced. Al-Qaeda was, first, a catch-all file in which collective and nefarious pieces of information on the Middle East was kept. It was 'brought forth', breathed over, given life and it became a "living soul." It's identity grew with each reference to it under the Bush administration until it grew legs and became a walking man. It has transformed itself many times over since then, growing and receding as needed, but always being kept alive by the next half-writer. It will be true, too, of "I'VE BEEN HACKED!" It takes a real a$$ to ensnare the gullible this way...
    • avatar
      McCain and Graham should be the focus of criminal investigations after they are removed form office. The will of enough people is there. That will needs to be expressed to those in power. Enough war. McCain and Graham are part of the swamp draining.
    • Jonathan Ferguson
      Johnny boy, just give it up.

      You're a relic of another era.
    • Jonathan Fergusonin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, What? Is criminal stupidity a crime? Surely not in Washington!!!
    • support
      At his age I do not think Senator McCain is very good at stiffening anything :>)

      John McCrazy and his Armchair Army of Fruitloops are not at war with Russia but the churches they attend are. It is the usual Crimean War scenario but with the added horror of American churches wishing to expand their real estate and "not-for-profit" hospital and nursing home charities into other countries which are, as usual, fronts for gunrunning and dopedealing and sex slave trading. Plus how can senators get kickbacks for facilitating huge arms maufacturing deals if there is no war?

      Senator McCrazy who views Americans as his personal slaves created for his own amusement may refer to US citizenry as Hobbits but to me he is what drops out of Smaug's butt every time the dragon eats something disagreeable with its digestion.

      If he wants a war, let him and his fellow fat, decrepit, noon-sleeping comrades in Congress suit up to fight that war personally. I inivte them to do a 40-mile slog with a 90-pound backpack and 20 pound rifle any day they choose.
    • avatar
      The US needs a national public effort against McCain and Graham. They have caused enough suffering. It is time for them to retire. They should be imprisoned, but immediate retirement will suffice.
    • supportin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, he needs to be in a Syrian jail after being tried & convicted for war crimes by the ICJ. Better yet, he should be put in an Egyptian jail for meddling with Egyptian elections and financing the attempted overthrow of Egypt. :>)
    • Drain the swamp
      hanoi john has a place waiting in the hottest part of Hell ! Like sharon he doesnt want go, mebbe he should be kept waiting on a bed too.
    • avatar
      tobi.gelandoin reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, you are sooo right about Mc. Cain his problem is he cant stiffen any think by himself !!!
    • avatar
      Mccain costs the deaths of hundredths of USA pilots in vietham
      He was a traitor who sold off their positions for his own selfish well being.
      Do you want him as senator?
    • supportin reply totobi.gelando(Show commentHide comment)
      tobi.gelando, I apologize for the low form of humour but I thought a laugh in the face of this human one-man disaster was necessary. What he hath sown so may he reap.

      also Merry Orthodox Xmas to all our Russian but especially Syrian and Egyptian friends, to which latter country the Saviour's family fled when Herod did just what McCain did and does: slaughter innocents.
    • avatar
      tobi.gelandoin reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, I fully agree with you .... Happy and Merry Xmas to you.
    • 2007harleydavidsonsg
      MCCain Vietnam fighter pilot, pow and war hero. He likes talking photos with his war buddies and give them weapons to kill. MCCain obviously suffers from PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. I truly think his mental stability is in question.
    • avatar
      McCain and Graham are mad criminals. They should be tried by an international tribunal for their crimes. They are also corrupt politicians. They receive more money from AIPAC, The arms industry and Wall Street than the other senators and representatives in USA. That is why they are more vocal than the others in connection with Israel and war mongering.
      The process of corruption of senators and representatives in USA is as follows. The American working class pay taxes to the government. The Senators and Representatives vote money for Israel and lucrative contracts for the arm industry. To thank the Senators and the representatives who vote the money for them, Israel, through AIPAC, and the arms industry distribute money to the Senators and representatives. It is a win win situation for the Senators and representatives on one side and Israel and the arms industry on the other side. It does not matter who are voted senators and representatives, they all follow the same route. They all accept money from Israel and the arms industry and they all vote money for Israel and lucrative contracts for the arms industry. The losers in this corruption game are the American working class who pay the taxes.
    • avatar
      Russia China are emerging global powers: economically, militarily, technologically amongst many other critical things. USs share of global market will be reduced dramatically when these 2 giants mature not to mention India and a few others. That's why all these concerted and aggressive fabrications against Russia to contain that resurgence by demonization. China on the other hand is currently heavily tied to US and global economy, so they are not as aggressive towards her as yet. This US view is very exceptional as they believe only they have exclusivity over the entire world market in all its facets.
    • avatar
      Swamp creature. Some are democrats, some are republicans. Same old crap they always spew. People who spend their whole lives in washington are owned. Lock, stock and barrel.
    • avatar
      True exceptional country. For 60 years they have been doing, among other things, just what they are accusing Russia of doing and now that it is alleged that it is happening to them, the whole world is turned upside down to invoke empathy etc.
      Cry baby, Cry!
    • avatar
      goldcamshaftin reply tocopius(Show commentHide comment)
      copius, If what you are saying is true, then he is a true american politician with all the qualifications that are needed.
    • avatar
      Denis the Menacein reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, Sedition for his role in overthrowing the legal government of Ukraine.
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