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    U.S. President-elect Donald Trump

    US DNC’s Negligence Allowed Hacking Into Party’s Servers Trump

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    The negligence of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was the reason for the hacking of email accounts of the party's members, US President-elect Donald Trump said Saturday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – In December, media reported that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) suspects that Russia had interfered in the course of US presidential election, hacking mail servers of US citizens and organizations, including the DNC. The agency claimed that Moscow had targeted the presidential campaign of the Democratic Party's Hillary Clinton, because it wanted Trump to win. At the same time, the FBI has reportedly reached opposite conclusions from the same raw intelligence.

    ​On Friday, the US Intelligence Community released a public version of the comprehensive intelligence report assessing Russian activities and intentions related to the 2016 US presidential election.

    ​After receiving an intelligence briefing on the report, Trump said the election outcome had not been affected. US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan also suggested that the assessment should not be used by partisans to delegitimize Trump's presidency.

    Russia has repeatedly denied the US allegations calling them absurd and characterizing them as an attempt to divert public opinion from revelations of corruption as well as other pressing domestic issues.


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    • support
      IMO it was not only negligence but the arrogance and oblivious & self-righteous stupidity of DNC members who get high all. The. Time.

      Why the Dems lost the election is because this is their party's spiritual theme song:


      President Trump neither drinks, nor smokes nor gets high, nor does he use painkillers or prescription psychomedical smiley-face zombie pills. The only channel on his remote control is the Reality Channel. That is why he was and is the best choice of persons to straighten matters out in the USA.

      I am trying think when the USA had a clean and sober President before. I do not think this has ever been the case even (and perhaps especially) during the Prohibition years.
    • avatar
      this situation is beginning to remind me of one of the songs from the Rocky Horror Picture Show...'doin' the time warp'. :)
    • avatar
      DNC negligence and corruption led to LEAKING of data from their servers.
      DNC servers were also left wide open for newbie hackers to have a field day.
      It was like an open invitation.
    • landauroj
      What the USA intelligence failed to say, is that they own loyalty to the government of that era. A very good example is the way how they prepared a confidential report; surely under pressure of the Bush government, about Iraq having weapon of mass destruction (e.g. chemical or nukes) and this was attainable by the government of Iraq after more than 20 years of UN sanctions. As it happen this highly confidential report was discredited as a false report issued by the “independent” USA intelligence of that time.

      However, after 20 years, people do not remember about how the USA intelligence work, whose members or bosses are elected by the government in charge of that time. They are asking the people to trust the finding of this so called confidential report without providing evidence or facts because the usual crap about to protect national security. The subtle way how the western media present this finding, should not cheat the alert mind of people that knows about similar reports produced by the so called USA intelligence bodies.
    • avatar
      "The agency claimed that Moscow had targeted the presidential campaign of the "Democratic Party's Hillary Clinton, because it wanted Trump to win"

      So what's going on? Are they not going so far as to accuse of setting up the spanking clinton got from Trump? Are they only accusing Russia of wanting Trump to win? clinton lost because everyone is tired of her BS and the BS of the Democrats in general. Also, she lost because she isn't as smart and creative as Trump.
    • Mikhas
      Judging by his previous statement and despite no evidence what so ever yet, he seem to have bought in to the neocon narrative but only by naming Russia as one among a few alleged perpetrators. Still, someone should bring up and highlight the contents of those mails.
    • avatar
      Well, as I suspected he isn't very street smart as its been well proven I think that the DNC was a leak, not a hack. So his team around him are unable to comprehend intelligence reports, not a good start. #bringbackbernie
    • avatar
      Trump and his team are making the valid point that most data loss is bad management or other leak and none of it has anything to do with Russia or the 2016 elections.
    • avatar
      tobi.gelandoin reply tolandauroj(Show commentHide comment)
      landauroj, You are right very right Landauro
    • avatar
      Just a reminder: The DNC leaks showed corruption in the Democratic party nomination process and evidence the Secretary Of State knew that American arms were being supplied to its enemies in the middle east, among other things. Both of these stories warrant further examination by the press and are a far greater challenge to the security and moral compass of the American people than who actually leaked the information. 😎
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