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    'You're 3 Years Too Late': MP Mocks Kiev's Hysteria Over Russian Fleet in Crimea

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    A court in Kiev has given Ukrainian military prosecutors access to documents about a 2010 agreement extending the Russian Black Sea Fleet's lease of bases in Crimea, as part of an investigation into the agreement's legitimacy. Asked for comment, Crimean lawmaker Ruslan Balbec poked fun at Kiev's efforts, saying they were 'three years too late'.

    Earlier this week a court in Kiev gave military prosecutors temporary access to documents containing details about the 2010 agreement between Russia and Ukraine that extended the lease of bases in Crimea by the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The court granted prosecutors the access as part of criminal proceedings initiated against the country's former authorities, who have been charged with 'high treason' and abuse of power. Ukraine's government was overthrown in a coup d'état in Kiev in February 2014.

    In April 2010, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev signed an agreement extending the Black Sea Fleet's presence in Crimea for 25 years after 2017, with an option to extend the lease further upon mutual agreement. In exchange, Ukraine received a $100 discount per thousand cubic meters on Russian gas deliveries, as well as other benefits.

    In March 2014, amid the chaos in Kiev following the coup, Crimean authorities held a referendum regarding the status of the peninsula. With a voter turnout of 83%, over 96% of Crimea's residents voted to break off from Ukraine and rejoin Russia.

    Commenting on Kiev's latest ploy, Duma lawmaker Ruslan Balbek, who is from Crimea, told Russia's RIA Novosti news agency that Ukrainian authorities should stop with their belated hysteria around the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea. 

    "As far as their hysteria over the presence of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea is concerned, Ukrainian authorities are late by almost three years," Balbek quipped. 

    The lawmaker added that "all of these actions, including the seizure of documents, the checking of signatures, and the conducting of an investigation, are just a failed attempt to catch a train that left a long time ago."

    Balbek stressed that the Russian Black Sea Fleet is under the command of the Supreme Commander of the Russian Federation (i.e. the Russian President), and that it is based in Crimea, which is Russian territory. 

    "Maybe we will keep these useless scraps of paper that come out of Kiev for history's sake," the lawmaker said. In his words, Ukraine knows that it does not have the means to oust the Russian Fleet by force; meanwhile, its hopes of doing so with foreign help have also "vanished into thin air" in recent weeks.


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    • sapper
      So the Ukranian snowflakes are in turmoil again. Obviously they are too slow to even catch a cold!!!
    • avatar
      There is no hope for Ukraine.
      It's an empty vessel.
      Russia does not want you. Shoo !
    • avatar
      Ukraine still crying and wailing in the horror of having pulled off murder and robbery to take control of Ukraine to give NATO access to Crimea to prepare the pillage and plunder of Russia all for a kings ransom from NATO nations and the IMF.

      Only to see Crimea pulled from under there feet and with it the kings ransom they killed and robbed for all gone and now they are bitter they should be swinging from a decent drop of rope let alone bitch and wail and carry on.
    • avatar
      It show's that that the Ukrainian leaders on there end of there Latin !!!!
      The terror state Usa and Eu got all what there could use from Ukraine after de Coup d'état and now there now it was not a good investment and there will say sorry we male a mistake !!! good luck and work hard so you can pay back the bank loans !!!
      I feel sorry for the citizens !
    • avatar
      Perhaps they should worry more about Russian courts. The easy political common law passed over the Crimean gold, open the gates for other things. U.N recognized Ukraine as de facto Russian territory.
      Next.. Is established that Ukraine's internationally recon constitution prohibits coup winner's to overtake the government and it's functions.

      Seriously, I'll be VERY careful about how KIEV west stooges, keep messing with Russia. IF they DREAM that Russia is scared one second over NATO BULL HORN, and talks, they out of their minds.

      ONLY recall what this same NAVY said 70 plus years ago..

      RUSSIAN'S NEVER SURRENDER. They DID ran out of ammunition, had no shovels to dig, and drink their fluid and sea water to survive . Until the NAZIS killed them execution style.
      When they had NOTHING, they grab arms and went to die with nothing.

      And used rocks and whatever to kill as many before dying.

      KIEV best learn it's place. And when TRUMP hear all this. I don't know how he will react. He a decent , respected businessman. Not a dirty NASTY politician LIAR and murderer.
      And learning about this international incident may change the winds of wars.

      And up to when Russia will take the massacre of civilians in E Ukraine? Russia got tired in Syria. And see the results.
      Ago9ut the NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN. Trump best step off that cloud. And I think he will and live reality. Threats, lead to NOTHING.
      And be ready to pay Russia all cash. Or see what the BEAR can DO.

      Oh the new Russian naval missiles can reach KIEV.. Be careful. They will defend Crimea to the END of times.
    • avatar
      The world laughs at Ukraine and it's incompetent and criminal politicians!
    • avatar
      the actions show the mentality (or lack of it)
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