07:03 GMT +325 March 2017
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a meeting at the lower house of parliament Bundestag on 2017 budget in Berlin, Germany, November 23, 2016

    Merkel to Send Adviser to US to Learn Trump's Plans Over Russia, NATO

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    German Chancellor Angela Merkel will send her foreign policy adviser Christoph Heusgen to the United States next week for talks with President-elect Donald Trump over future Washington's foreign policy course,German media reported Saturday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The issues touched upon during the meeting will include the relations with Russia and NATO.

    According to the Spiegel magazine, Heusgen, known for criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin's foreign policy, will also hold a meeting with Trump's National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Flynn, in turn, has earlier stressed the need to cooperate with Moscow.

    The German government is concerned over the intention of Trump to normalize the relations with Moscow, the publication reads. Trump has repeatedly noted during his public speeches and interviews that "it would be nice" to have a good relationship with Russia.

    Berlin is also reportedly concerned about Trump's attitude toward NATO, who has repeatedly said during his presidential campaign that Washington should review its relationships with NATO allies which do not contribute enough to the alliance.


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    • MNaydenov
      The dog looking for his master.
    • md74
      the pet servant is still in a state of confusion. Needs to find out if the new master will have different kind of orders for her. And if yes, how to make european MSM bring it to the brainwashed viewers without losing face.
    • avatar
      Why care, the wind that is blowing through the Atlantists agenda would soon blow her off the seat anyways.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Trump,does not have to tell Germany his future plans and relations with Russia. I'm sure Merkel want to make sure Her migrants will mot be hurt by the US and Russia. The rape fest must continue without any disruptions...........
    • avatar
      ...and as a personal gift, she will be sending some chest hairs to prove she can. She is a troll; yesterday's nothing and always has been. Whatever she did as a Stasi, she did not leave any bridges up that she could traverse back over. She just does not get it, besides from a day to day existence. She has no place else to go but out of sight.
    • avatar
      The main question is what will Putin do because he cannot any more hide behind Russian media propaganda which is no different from western in respect of protecting Putin from possible public criticism. This is the fact as we do not see any criticism of Putin policies related to sanctions. He is keeping low profile and thanks to Russian MSM blind support people do not know that he sold them to a very particular domestic and foreign interests both closely tied to him. Foreign policy was unfair and extremely damaging to Russian people as Putin is power greedy and would do all to float on the top of power soup.

      It is interesting to see that Russian media is not capable to connect dots and realise that on one hand west is deadly scared that Russia will impose real damaging counter sanctions and on other side they are playing a cat and mouse game with Putin and Russian population. Every time before new extension of sanctions comes around Russian media is full of stories of how i.e. German business people and politicians express their discontent with sanctions. In reality they just love that they are exempt from sanctions and actually they hate Putin as vast majority of social elite in Germany does.

      Such cries and chain of visits of local small and unimportant politicians and business people to Russia are trumpeted as something incredibly important. In German media you cannot find anything about these people neither before nor after the sanctions as they are absolute zilch as value and performance is concern. They are known only to close family members but not even to close neighbours. However Sputink and similar Putin's media are full of articles of how German business society is dying because Russian sanctions. That is absolutely ridiculous. German export to Russia is about 20 billion EUR annually, and current Russian counter sanctions are having 0 impact on German economy. German economy is getting hurt because western sanctions are crippling Russian economy and social standard in Russia is in a free fall and that is what hurts German economy, because Russian population cannot spend more money on our products as before. Yes it slightly hurts our economy but it is just ravaging Russian economy and that was Merkel – Obama goal.

      Russian media should open up eyes and realise that Russia is much more than one person even 1000 persons as Putin ( well 1000 of them would destroy Russia in a matter of days) are nothing compared to Russia. Therefore Russian media needs to stop equalise Putin with Russia. Putin without Russia is less than zero but Russia without Putin would be much better off and would have no hardship as it has now.

      I know all is getting very boring by now as every time I am using opportunity to open up eyes to Russian media and population in this regard. So let me bit a little bit more boring and try to awaken some lost souls.

      When West imposed sanctions on Russia, Putin declared these sanctions illegal and as they were targeting his inner circle of friends oligarchs he responded in same manner retaliation to direct competitors of his criminal friends oligarchs thus neutralising their exploits. Initially sanctions did not have any economic impact as they were targeting Putin's criminals and not industry. Later they started to target industry and that is where sanctions started seriously to hurt. That was when Putin retaliated with ban on vegetables, fruits and other food products. These sanctions were easy for Putin as not a single one of his criminal friends was hurt because as so called “Green Mafia” is run by gangsters and other organised crime. However just because gangsters and smugglers are well organised and resourceful these sanctions within of three months collapsed and smuggling become business as usual.

      However Putin as addition to these sanctions could chose more important ban on import and sale of all western motor vehicles, private, commercial, spare parts as well as second hand vehicles. That would cause massive loss in only 7 EU countries and other 21 would be spared. Loss would be massive and would exceed 18 billion EUR annually, but more importantly it would hit only 7 countries and 4 amongst them are most important. Germany, Britain, France and Italy would be hit the most and they would not get any EU financial relief as other 21 would strongly disagree to cover losses of the most developed countries in EU. We understand that that would cause massive anger amongst loosing countries and that these would not just because that but mainly because huge job cuts (only Germany would cut about 700.000 jobs directly or indirectly linked to automotive industry) due to Russian counter sanctions. According to German Economic Institute in Berlin such ban on import of German cars would have huge negative impact on German economy and budget above all. We had a massive problems with migrants and that was rapidly depleting our social funds reserves and resources. Bear in mind that person who loses job gets nearly full salary for 6 months and that would be humungous amount of money which even Germany would not be able to absorb.

      Such horrendous economic crash would push Germany into huge recession and that was major worry of German politicians taking in Account that our major bank Deutsche Bank has unsecured debts of about 1.500 billion EUR and that is about 39% of national GDP. Collapse of such banking giant would drag whole country into never seen before deep recession.

      However Putin graciously saved Germany by not declaring these counter sanctions and as consequence Russian nation had to pay $500 billion in a loss of currency reserves as he tried to salvage Rouble which regardless collapsed. Beside that amount of money there were huge losses due to oil prices collapse because USA ordered to Saudi Arabia to increase their output to collapse the oil prices as Russian economy (GDP) is 70% dependant of energy industry which is equal as dependency on a mono culture in a Banana Republics in Caribbean region. That percentage of mono industrial dependency puts Russia as the biggest banana republic on the Planet. Just to compare the things, Dubai 30 years ago had 90% dependency on energy, but today after incredible increase of GDP has only 3% of dependency on energy sector and that is why they do not care any more even if oil prices drop to 0.

      Dubai has invested in Tourism, real estate, financial services, consumable products and so on. Russia on other hand is more oriented on exports of raw products such as energy and minerals and very little of consumables. That economic structure makes Russia extremely vulnerable and question is why is that. Well one of the reasons is that Putin is supporting oligarchs and as they are brainless criminals experts in extortions and similar activities they are not capable to run the industry and therefore they control exports of raw materials and imports of final products. That relieves them from the problem of being incapable of intellectual work as imports of cars for example is more lucrative and brings billions than running and managing Russian own car industry. All of these criminals at one point in time taught that they can do it all only to destroy Russian industry and create huge national problem.

      Therefore to conclude, I wonder how on Earth no Russian MSM journalist went that path to investigate obvious things instead protecting Putin and not discuss about his economic and political blunders whose list is very long indeed. Maybe it is time to start right now, we will see.
    • avatar
      K9in reply toslimyfox(Show commentHide comment)
      slimyfox, Right now suggest DE concentrates full attention to your internal migrant crisis and internal stability, you have serious problems. As for your exports - we have found other suppliers. You fail to mention the sales of RU made weapons hardware and systems..doing very well right now. Cheer up old man..could be worse..you lost the two world wars, be happy you have been trashed without shedding a drop of blood.
    • avatar
      Merkel, just another puppet with no spine.
    • avatar
      Tim - USA
      The arrogance of Merkel rivals that of Hitler. Why would Trump want to meet with her advisor when her advisor can meet with his advisor and not waste his valuable time? Trump made his positions very clear during the election campaign and after he won to ALL of the questions Merkel now wants to ask again and she knows it. The only thing Trumps advisor can tell her advisor is to pay up on Germany past due NATO bill with interest and penalty along with no more freeloading off the US taxpayers. The rest of this crap Merkel wants to discuss is common knowledge and a waste of everyone's time. Trump will give Merkel his orders and his EU orders when he sees fit and not until that time.
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