01:53 GMT04 December 2020
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    The situation in Palmyra is a result of discordant actions of the US-led coalition, Syrian authorities and Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday at a news conference during his visit to Japan.

    The Russian president added that from the military and political point of view, the liberation of Aleppo is more important than the situation in Palmyra.

    "The issue of Palmyra, I think, is purely symbolic. What concerns the military and political value, in this sense, Aleppo, of course, is a much more important topic," Putin said.

    According to him, judging by the situation in Aleppo at the moment, "what is happening is exactly what we agreed on, including [the deal] with the President of Turkey during his visit to St. Petersburg."

    "When we agreed that Turkey would provide every assitance in the evacuation of militants who are ready to lay down their weapons in Aleppo, first of all, [we agreed] to save the lives of civilians," the president added.

    Vladimir Putin expressed hope that the Syrian army would manage to gain a foothold in the city of Aleppo.

    "I very much hope that the Syrian army will be able to gain a foothold in Aleppo after successful combat actions, and that the civilians will be able to return to normal life," he said.

    Earlier, Syrian President Bashar Assad vowed that the Syrian Army will retake Palmyra after liberating Aleppo.

    "Everything that happens in Palmyra is the result of uncoordinated actions between the so-called international coalition, Syrian authorities and Russia," Putin said at a news conference in Tokyo after the Russian-Japanese negotiations.

    "I have said it many times, it is necessary to combine efforts to be effective in the fight against terrorism," the Russian president stated.

    On Sunday, Daesh terrorists managed to recapture the ancient city of Palmyra in Homs, Syria. According to various sources, the number of terrorists that took part in the storming of the city reached 5,000 including hundreds of suicide bombers and dozens of armored vehicles.

    Operation Inherent Resolve Commanding General Stephen Townsend stated on Wednesday that the alleged weapons and "air defense systems," captured by the Daesh militants in Palmyra "pose a threat to the coalition".

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