01:43 GMT +330 March 2017
    Anti-ISIL airstrikes

    Moscow Condemns Coalition Airstrikes in Raqqa Leading to Civilian Casualties

    © AP Photo/ Senior Airman Matthew Bruch, US Air Force
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    The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed concern over recent reports of civilian casualties in US-led coalition airstrikes in Syria saying that such actions were 'unacceptable.'

    According to the Russian Foreign Ministry citing reports, at least 18 civilians were killed and dozens injured in a US-led coalition airstrike on a settlement in Syria's Raqqa province on December 7.

    "These reports cause deep concern. Air and missile strikes that result in deaths and suffering of peaceful Syrians are unacceptable and deserve decisive condemnation. The suffering of civilian population must be stopped," the ministry said in a statement.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry added that it is hard to understand statements about "errors" and "negligence" from those whose military operation in Syria had not been requested by the country's legitimate authorities.

    Last week, the Pentagon stated that the US-led coalitions airstrikes on the Syrian army positions were an "unintentional, regrettable error."

    On September 17, US-led coalition aircraft carried out four strikes against the Syrian army near the Deir ez-Zor airport, leaving 62 soldiers killed and some 100 wounded. The Pentagon said that the airstrike was a mistake and was intended to target Daesh militants, while a number of Syrian officials stated that the attack was intentional.

    Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry slammed the US-led coalition for striking civilians instead of terrorists.

    "Weddings, funerals, hospitals, police departments, humanitarian convoys and even Syrian troops, fighting against Daesh terrorists near Deir ez-Zor, become targets for coalition airstrikes," spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said, commenting on an alleged US-led coalition's member's strike on a Syrian village in north Aleppo that claimed at least six lives.


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    • Mikhas
      Aleppo is lost. Obongo and his white owners at the White Hose plantation is desperately full speed ahead to Raqqa setting up a "Sunnistan".

      Now Russia did promise that any attempt to shoot Syrian troops and act as Al Qaeda airforce again will be met with fire. This should be fun.
    • avatar
      Russia and Syria are fighting not only Daesh, but Daesh and the entire west in the battlefields of Syria.
      The usa has gotten the entire west on their side. The un secretary, a representative of the united states, has hinted that there may be war crimes committed in Aleppo, but has not mentioned Mosul or Raqqa. Surprised! Do not be. The western media will not carry this piece of news. Omitting important news is a form of false news, especially when they are the monopolistic mainstream news channels charged with bringing the news to the people. Yes, do not be surprised, For there is a conspiracy in the west for all organizations, associations, international or not, to come to the aid of the great exceptional nation in its push to expand influence.
      Russia and Syria have to bite the bullet and try to officially get rid of the west from Syria. This might be a bit too late and would be a tough job, but they have to do this in parallel with fighting the enemy. Sergey Lavrov, the Foreign Minister of Russia, is quite capable of accomplishing this heavy task. Else, the Yankees will rush to podium for the prize, the Sovereign nation of Syria. Forget about what the west is saying about "there could be no peace in Syria with a military victory, unless it is accompanied with political settlement" This may be true, but it is the political settlement part that the west is waiting upon, and they are sitting under the podium, awaiting this.
      That political settlement part can and must be done in Syria, by the Syrian people, not by a bunch of alien business and government executives trying to carve out a niche for their governments and businesses.
      The west are not partners.
    • avatar
      sometimes Russian see only the death of the "others" but how many civilians by syrian army in Aleppo ? Credibility is question of balancing the info. If not, it is a propaganda. Sure, mainly all the reader here are pro russian or more, anti USA. I am not pro USA but everybody must understand that there or....here, war make mainly innocent victim. Soldiers, civilians...but never the one who began the war...the leader !
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