01:54 GMT +330 March 2017
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    Trump Likely to 'Bargain' With Moscow Over Sanctions

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    The Belgian government has revived the idea of removal of anti-Russian sanctions. In an interview with Radio Sputnik, political analyst Mikhail Neizhmakov noted that Europe associates the possible lifting of sanctions with the approach of the new US president.

    Earlier this week, it was reported that the foreign relations committee of the lower house of Belgian parliament was determining when to debate a draft resolution calling on the European Union to lift anti-Russia sanctions.

    The document was initiated by Aldo Carcaci of the opposition Popular Party.

    "I asked to reschedule the debate and await the assignment of the date," the lawmaker told RIA Novosti.

    Initially, the discussion was scheduled for October while the draft resolution was submitted to the lower house of the Belgian parliament in summer.

    "I did the right thing, because the election of [Donald] Trump as US president could in no small part change the situation in the future," Carcaci said.

    According to him, the resolution calls on the Belgian government to address at the EU level the question of the removal of anti-Russian sanctions.

    Carcaci hopes that the document would open the way for a discussion on sanctions. In particular, sanctions have damaged Belgian companies, including producers of fruits and vegetables.

    The Belgian government associates removal of European sanctions against Russia with the stance of US President-elect Donald Trump, said Mikhail Neizhmakov, director of the Center for International Politics Analysis at the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements.

    "It’s hard to say whether Trump will lift sanctions or keep them in place. Donald Trump and his team are unlikely to make gifts to Russia. They will be bargaining. The positive side is that there is hope for a pragmatic approach on sanctions in Washington," the expert told Radio Sputnik.

    He noted that it is an accomplished fact that Brussels’ stance on sanctions depends on the White House.

    "But there is logic in Europe’s expectations that Washington’s stance on anti-Russian sanctions will change," he said.

    Earlier, the French parliament and regional legislatures in Italy passed similar resolutions. However, they have not prompted the national governments and Brussels to lift sanctions.

    "The Belgian resolution is nothing but a signal that lobby groups against anti-Russian sanctions are mounting inside the EU. But these changes are still minor. Even if the resolution was passed, the document itself would not result in the removal of sanctions," Neizhmakov concluded.


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    • Gregoire Trez
      What's there to bargain? "We stop shooting ourselves in the foot if you do as I say"?
    • avatar
      What will Trump do is big question, as there are not many options. Sanctions are based on accusations that Russia is militarily supplying and supporting E. Ukraine and of course Crimean peninsula problem.

      EU demands from Russia to retreat its troops from E. Ukraine and allows Ukraine to take full control over their territory and in few years there would be new referendum about their autonomu and not independence. In about 5 to 7 years there would be 2/3 of population moved from prowestern Ukraine and E Ukrainians either expelled to Russia or resettled across Ukraine. According to Russia that is impossible because simple fact that there are no Russian regular forces and therefore it is impossible to retreat something non existing. Accusation about weapons supply is quite ridiculous as Novorossisk defence forces have museum weapons and no modern weapons as Ukraine has. All they got has been taken from prisoners of war and from Ukrainian military depots in E Ukraine.

      Next even more ridiculous demand is to return Crimea to Ukraine and within 7 years of Kiev rule there would be new referendum. It is clear that after two years there would be not a single one original peninsula inhabitant but all Ukrainian Nazis.

      Therefore these two main obstacles simply cannot be negotiated as EU made clear demand that there is no stepping back from them. That is in my books written and described as ultimatum not a negotiation. It is impossible to negotiate about certain things and these two are surely impossible as that would mean major betrayal on part of Russian negotiators.

      If Trump would really come with these demands than all illusions about him as a anti war president would become irrelevant.
    • avatar
      People like Chris Matthews, Michael Moore, and that hate-filled and angry Willie Geist are the spokespersons for the shadow government, the oligarchs. I see them making demands even after the election about how Trump can't do what so many people elected him to do. I hope Trump goes after the oligarchs and their hired protestors like Putin did in Russia.
    • avatar
      That's what sanctions do is give you the upper hand ..supposedly? except Russia's counter sanctions were far more effective for the simple reason Europe had far more to lose on a number of levels.

      As far as the impact on US is concerned losses of billions in joint exploration projects have been disastrous, Trump will very quickly reinstate those and then its the personal and financial side so not much to bargain with really? if anything the sanctions worked against the US on many levels not least including the hardening of attitude in pushing forward trading in local currencies thus weakening the US dollar.

      Really Obama's strategies all round were pretty much 'bite your nose to spite your face' stuff. In hindsight one wonders what is the real IQ score for Obama and we do know the Clinton had to have 3 shots at passing her bar exams in Law? one also wonders now on reflection who did she bribe to pass?
    • avatar
      What did Trump say about that tiny nation called Belgium?

      They have no idea what is happening, which is why the EU are holding an emergency meeting, to freak out about what Trump in the White House means to them. Didn't Trump say that the UK and not EU would be first in the queue? In fact, isn't Farage the only politician from any nation that has had an audience with the President Elect, post election day?

      Who knows what is going to happen, but it looks like Trump is no fan of the EU. NICE, NICE and even NICER.
    • avatar
      anne00mariein reply toslimyfox(Show commentHide comment)
      slimyfox, Trump is seriously upto speed with regards Ukraine and Crimea. Thanks to one of his campaign managers, Paul Manafort. Who also used to advised President Yanukovitch, in the days before the violent coup.

      Trump knows not only who the players are. Also, what is in it for them. He builds, he does not destroy. Plus, his interests are rebuilding the US, not policing the world. I seriously wish him well and hope him and his family stay safe.
    • avatar
      The probably future lifting of economic sanctions against Russia poses a problem for import substitution efforts. Only way out is direct foreign investment for localizing production through new businesses competing with national ones. These new foreign businesses will bring state of the art technologies and management strategies that will exert a multiplying positive effect on proper Russian production sectors.
    • avatar
      These sanctions have nothing whatsoever to do with the accusations leveled at them by the neocon psychopaths in Washington to further their "global hegemony" aspirations.
      Once these scum of humanity are removed from their respective offices, the picture will become crystal clear as to what and by whom this entire debacle was started. As Trump pulled off the surprise of the millennia, there will also be many more surprises coming in the near future.
    • avatar
      as has been stated, there's nothing to bargain over.
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