08:39 GMT09 July 2020
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    Donald Trump Elected 45th US President (281)

    NATO will postpone its next summit that was expected to take place in the beginning of 2017 until summer against the backdrop of the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections, German media reported Saturday.

    BERLIN (Sputnik) — According to the Spiegel magazine, the summit will be postponed, because there are concerns that Trump could ignore the event if it is held soon after his inauguration in January.

    The alliance was expected to provide the US president-elect more time to shape his stance in regard to NATO, the magazine added.

    On Tuesday, Trump won the 2016 election with at least 290 electoral votes, while his rival Hillary Clinton received 232 votes despite winning the popular vote by a margin of some 200,000.

    Over the course of his election campaign, the Republican politician had repeatedly backed a review of Washington’s relations with its NATO allies and expressed support for the idea that they should pay a fair price for the United States providing their security.

    Donald Trump Elected 45th US President (281)


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