11:13 GMT26 November 2020
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    French President Francois Hollande finds himself in a precarious position, as the motion to impeach him, launched by MP Pierre Lellouche, continues to gain momentum.

    The President faces a barrage of criticism and calls for impeachment in the wake of revelations that that he disclosed classified information to journalists.

    Republican MP Guy Geoffroy explained to Sputnik that while the proposal to impeach Hollande was indeed made by Lellouche, the project of this resolution was in fact drafted by the Republicans.

    "Like many of my colleagues, yesterday I spoke about this issue at our faction meetings. Before we can gauge about the chances to succeed, first we must discuss the reasons why this proposal was made in the first place. It depends on whether the spirit and letter of our Constitution will be upheld at various stages," he said.

    He also remarked that while he is concerned that the left may attempt to use their majority to block the procedure, he’s anxious to see exactly how they might attempt to do it; for example, if the Bureau of the National Assembly tries to sweep it under the rug; it would be "a political move with serious political consequences."

    At the same time, Geoffroy declared, there are very important reasons for launching the impeachment procedure at this particular moment.

    "It’s time to say some things openly: President Hollande is a bad president. His policies of the last four years are a failure in all respects. But his presidency is not just bad, it’s disgraceful. When he consciously divulges state secrets to journalists; when he scandalously admits that France pays ransom for hostages, it is basically an invitation to take more Frenchmen hostage. All of this is very serious, and in accordance with our Constitution we can put forward a motion to impeach the president," he said.

    He added that the impeachment was proposed because Francois Hollande is not fit to fulfil the duties entrusted to him by French citizens in 2012.

    "A disgraceful president must answer for his disgrace, and we want it to be attested that along with being a bad president, he (Hollande) is also a disgraceful president," Geoffroy concluded.


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