14:02 GMT11 August 2020
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    Battleground states Iowa and Nevada are too close to call as the presidential election rolls on. Utah has been called for Trump.

    Fivethirtyeight.com gives Trump a 69 percent chance of winning Iowa, and gives Clinton a 58 percent chance of taking Nevada. A Huffington Post chart shows Clinton edging Trump out in Nevada at 44 percent, while the Des Moines Register gives the Republican nominee a seven-point lead among Iowans. 

    "Nevada, I think is problematic," said political strategist and Trump supporter Roger Stone on a Boston Herald radio program Tuesday morning. "Frankly, Trump has run one of the worst campaigns in modern political history in the state. The crew there is really left over from the primary, these old Americans for Prosperity folks, nice people, just don’t know anything about politics and actually getting elected. I’m disappointed with the campaign there."

    The presence of anti-Trump independent conservative Evan McMullin made Utah a toss up at first, but the state ended up giving its six electoral votes to the New York billionaire. 

    Chris Karpowitz of Brigham Young University’s Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy suggested to the Guardian, "Trump is likely to eke out a narrow victory, but it’s still competitive…It’s more competitive than anyone could have anticipated."

    Trump himself poo-pooed McMullin’s campaign on Fox News while simultaneously acknowledging him as a threat. "Now if for some reason we lose Utah, that could have a very devastating impact on the overall," he said, "If they go enough for this character that's running all over the state, and we lose the state of Utah, that's devastating."

    The Trump campaign unwittingly found itself clashing with the former CIA operative when well-known white nationalist William Johnson put out a robocall encouraging people to vote for Trump and lambasting McMullin. 

    Almost 200,000 Utah households heard Johnson accuse McMullin of advocating mass, unchecked immigration, and ridiculing his lesbian mother by saying McMullin “has two mommies,” and accusing the former GOP policy director of being a "closet homosexual."

    Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks quickly denounced the call saying the campaign "strongly condemns this rhetoric and these activities of which we have no knowledge."

    You can view our live election map here.


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