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    New Kids on the Block? Norwegian Tycoon and Freemason About to Start New Party

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    Norway's political life has been long characterized by the tug-of-war between its left-wing and the right-wing forces, collaborating to offset each other. Today, Norwegian tycoon and freemason Mikkel Dobloug is working to set up a new centrist party to alter the country's political spectrum.

    In September, Norwegian newspaper Finansavisen disclosed that a secret meeting, organized by investor Mikkel Dobloug, had been held in late summer to discuss the start of a centrist political party under the working title Alliansen ("Alliance"). According to internal sources, anti-immigrant Progress Party heavyweight Christian Tybring-Gjedde was present at the meeting, alongside Islam critic and author Hege Storhaug of Human Rights Service (HRS), which may suggest an anti-immigrant inclination for the new party.

    Earlier this week, initiator Mikkel Dobloug spoke up about his new party plans. By his own admission, Dobloug is now working to create a new party that can steal some centrists' votes in Norway — yet has not considered actually playing a role in the party himself.

    "I have been asked to contribute because I am economically independent and am free to operate in a climate that is very hard and hostile. Those who want to start the Alliance are afraid of stigmatization, dirt-throwing and other problems starting a new party usually entails," Dobloug told Norwegian daily Dagbladet.

    According to Dobloug, the Alliance is a cross-party grouping, which is not based on the traditional right/left axis and involves people who support everything from the Socialist Left [left-wing] to the Progress Party [right-wing]. None of the new members hold office via membership in other parties today, but some might have before, Dobloug pointed out. According to him, the Alliance is a centrist party slightly to the left of the Conservatives.

    Dobloug denied media suspicions that the Alliance is anti-immigration or critical of Islam. According to him, the party sought a kind of an immigration policy all parties would agree upon and would like to give a rational solution to the generation's "greatest challenge."

    "Facing the largest migration crisis in Europe ever, we must put politics aside and pull ourselves together, as we did during World War II. Instead, we see chaos in Europe, a debate that has become so ugly that people are reluctant to take part in it," Dobloug said.

    The key objective for the Alliance's immigration policy is to ensure that Norway does not accept more refugees than it is able to integrate and provide with jobs. Furthermore, a more coordinated immigration policy in the EU is required, as well as a sharp increase in the money set aside for aid and relief efforts.

    "Given that one can spend 2 percent of the GDP on defense, one can spend 2 percent of GDP on this, too," Dobloug said.

    Mikkel Dobloug is a former Liberal Party politician and the son of Mali's first Treasury Secretary and Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Louis-Pascal Negre. Dobloug is also a renowned freemason. Dobloug became a multimillionaire overnight, when his parents died in 2001. He is also the Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan in Oppland and Western Norway.

    Mikkel Dobloug
    Mikkel Dobloug


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