04:23 GMT26 November 2020
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    The United States 2016 presidential election will be held on Tuesday, November 8. The election has been in the spotlight across the world since the US is economically, politically and militarily involved in almost all global processes.

    However, US voters are more concerned about domestic challenges, rather than foreign policy adventures.

    Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton enjoys the support of financial elites and working women. The election will show whether she has managed to win the votes of young people and African Americans who supported Barack Obama at the previous election.

    Hillary Clinton supporters have referred to her enormous political experience, outstanding working capabilities and her solid political reputation. In turn, her adversaries, especially many young Americans, do not believe Hillary Clinton, saying she is more concerned about her political career.

    According to Hillary Clinton, the main threat to US national security is the proliferation of nuclear weapons and materials, including their use by terrorists.

    As for foreign policy successes, she is known for introducing tough sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program and expanding dialogue between China and the US.

    An inherent part of Clinton’s electoral campaign has been criticism of Russia. However, many American analysts tend to think that if elected, Hillary Clinton would embrace a way more sophisticated and pragmatic approach to Moscow.

    According to polls, the majority of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s base is blue-collar white workers who are happy with neither the Obama administration nor the Republican-dominated Congress. They see Trump as a self-made man who can set and achieve goals.

    Trump’s numerous controversial statements, including those on Muslims and migrants, have made headlines and divided the public into supporters and fierce opponents. At the same time, his views on a number of issues, including global politics, appear to be populist, rather than well-thought-out.

    In particular, Donald Trump lags behind his Democrat rival in social-related problems, said Vasily Koltashov, head of the center for economic research at the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements.

    "They don’t differ from the point of view of security because they both say they can solve the problem and protect the people. For US voters, social and economic problems are much more important. And this is the field where Clinton has outperformed Trump," Koltashov said in an interview with Sputnik Japan.

    During her campaign, Hillary Clinton pledged to create millions of new jobs, like Barack Obama earlier did. Her electoral program includes dealing with income inequality, raising the minimum wage, supporting family values etc.

    In turn, Trump labelled Clinton’s pledges as empty promises but he seems to be a "critic without a clear idea". His own proposals do not look convincing and consistent, the analyst noted.

    "In his speeches, he touched upon a wide range of problems. But the voters want social and economic problems to be made clear. His Achilles’ heel is the lack of intentions to build a social-welfare state in the US," Koltashov said.

    He added that Trump lacks a plan of economic growth and social support.  

    "Even if Trump wins this will be not because of his views on global politics, but because he doesn’t have a reputation as a liar like Hillary Clinton," the expert concluded.


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