09:15 GMT +328 March 2017
    Opposition fighters from the Ahrar Al-Sham brigade, part of the Islamic front coalition, hold a position in the Sheikh Lutfi neighbourhood of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo during ongoing clashes with government forces on January 27, 2014

    Moscow: US Includes 10 Syrian Rebel Groups Working With Terrorists in Truce List

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    Washington included two Syrian rebel groups working with Daesh and eight groups working with al-Nusra Front in a truce list, the Russian Permanent Mission to the United Nations' Geneva office said in a statement.

    "Washington included two [Syrian rebel] groups that fight together with Daesh and 8 with al-Nusra Front in the list of the participants of the ceasefire regime in Syria sent to the Russian side. Moreover the inclusion of Ahrar ash-Sham and Nour al-Din al-Zenki cutthroats in this list completely discredites the American list," the mission said in a statement published by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

    Moscow added that "it seems that the United States have not received any written obligations to respect the ceasefire from groups it controlls."

    "The United States has failed to fulfill its promise given in February to separate al-Nusra Front [terrorists] and moderate opposition despite the fact that Russia has been ready to provide Washington with its maps showing areas controlled by terrorists according to our data since March."

    The media campaign against Russia in media is aimed at hiding the real reasons for the failure of Russia-US deal on Syria, the mission added.

    "Lately, public remarks are being used to build up anti-Russian rhetoric on the Syrian issue to discredit the role of Russia and to present our country as the reason for all Syria's troubles. Moscow is accused of allegedly putting a stake on a military solution to the conflict. The goal of this [media] campaign is clear — to cover up the real perpetrators of the ceasefire's collapse in the Syrian Arab Republic, to hide the real reasons for the failure to implement the Russia-US agreements on Syria."

    The mission added that while Russia guaranteed the implementation of the agreement by the Syrian government, the US failed to convince Syrian rebels it backs to abide by the ceasefire regime. "From February to September armed [rebel] groups allegedly controlled by Washington violated truce 2,031 times. As a result, 3,500 Syrian soldiers and 12,8 civilians have been killed."

    However, Russia remains open to cooperation with its partners, including the US, on all the issues regarding the Syrian settlement, however, such cooperation should be based on equality and the implementation of own obligations, Moscow concluded.

    On Friday, Moscow has unveiled a "Comparative Analysis of Russia-US Agreements Implementation" on Syria and sent it to the a range of other agencies in addition to the UN.

    Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said earlier that Moscow will present a report in the United Nations Security Council on Russia's implementation of agreements with the US on Syria and on Washington's failure to abide by them to avoid speculations on the issue.


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      OK then what?
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      Don't forget the Russians are the best chess players in the world - they'll win and the heavily armed teenage psychopaths (US) and their head chopping mates will lose.
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      Lickie Weeks
      Blame it on lame duck Obama.
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      What is Putin up to now??????
    • sophm0e38
      It's just as well the US were late for WWII otherwise they'd have gone around looking for moderate Nazis, making deals etc..., notwithstanding Operation Paperclip.
    • Mikhas
      Wonder to which extent the "USA USA USA" Americans are aware that their regime support, arm and nurture Al-Qaeda, that they are collectively responsible for the unspeakable suffering caused by the genocidal thugs that govern them.
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      The whole world has known since the first ceasefire that the US has no intention of negotiating in good faith. Do the Russians really think that their good faith will draw anything but a big yawn at the UN? They just make themselves look even more stupid than they already look.
      Putin is wise to be seen as cautious and considerate.

      It's the best antidote to endless American propaganda.

      However, I think we all know that the arrogant people running Washington have not given up on their plan to use terrorists to destroy a decent government they simply do not like.
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      More importantly Putins Russia has ground the neocon take over of the world to a standstill! we will soon see a new moderate Government in US that wants the neocon era ended and the badly neglected Americans put back to work and respected and to make peace with the world and recalibrate the system where large corporations will have to become a myriad of smaller companies without the collective power they once held over the world.

      The mighty Industrial Arms corporate after being split off will then turn there research and development to non military projects and with it the rebirth of the engineering Industries in the US.
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      The terrorist American government is a curse on mankind and its population of Amerisheep are completely held responsible for THEIR governments action.
      It is American money, soldiers and weapons that make this all possible.
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